“So come and get me if you must, Mr. President. I will not bow to your wicked regulation.”

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We’ve only just begun: “So come and get me if you must, Mr. President. I will not bow to your wicked regulation.”

James Dobson is not to be taken lightly. Under the Obamacare HHS contraceptive mandate, his organization, Focus on the Family, would not qualify for any exemption and would be required to pay for contraceptives and abortion drugs. And if Dobson’s organization defies the federal government here, expect very loud fireworks, as Focus is very large with a very large following.



  • Jim

    I think Tea Party founder and head of FreedomWorks, Dick Armey, said it best about James Dobson:
    “To a large extent because Dobson and his gang of thugs are real nasty bullies. I pray devoutly every day, but being a Christian is no excuse for being stupid. There’s a high demagoguery coefficient to issues like prayer in schools. Demagoguery doesn’t work unless it’s dumb, shallow as water on a plate. These issues are easy for the intellectually lazy and can appeal to a large demographic. These issues become bigger than life, largely because they’re easy. There ain’t no thinking.”
    (from an interview with Ryan Sager)

  • How does this comment by Armey change the basic fact that the federal government under Obama intends to use force to make some religious people violate their personal beliefs? It doesn’t, and is thus completely irrelevant.

    If you believe in freedom, it doesn’t matter how obnoxious you think Dobson and his followers are. You support their right to practice their religion to the fullest. And you oppose anyone who wants to oppress them, no matter what political party those oppressors belong to.

    That you apparently are willing to look the other way while the freedoms of Dobson and other religious Christians are squelched reveals a lot more about yourself than it does about either Dobson or Obama.

  • Jim

    It completely relevant, at least according to Armey.
    He tells us that Dobson is just a demagogue, which he is. And he tells us that when Dobson speaks and others blindly follow, its only intellectual laziness.
    And it holds true for many issues from Dobson, including now health care.
    And I’ll leave it to you to blindly let all people support “religion to the fullest.”

  • jwing

    Jim, whether you think Dobson is great or a fraud, I think you would agree that he has a constitutional right to practice his religion and speak out no matter how silly it may sound to you as not being part of that religion. Every religion viewed from the outside has its idoisyncracies and peculiar beliefs, customs and personalities. That being said, history shows that a people can never “accomodate” their deeply held religious convictions and first amendment right for mear political expediency of the well-intended notion of improving healthcare. People that do have ended up rounded up by those every so accomodating political leaders.
    This whole issue in not about contraception or even providing the poor with better healthcare. It is fundamentaly about crowding out any private or non-profit, religious based, non-government institution from competing with big government statism power and control over peoples’ lives and beliefs. It is just one more nail in the coffin of capitalism, individual freedoms and the ability to choose one’s own destiny.

  • Jim

    Good points all, jwing. There have been many posts here on Obamacare, and I rarely respond. And that is because each of us can view the whole topic differently. I understand your point of view. I only responded to holding James Dobson up as any kind of paragon in this matter, and clearly Dick Armey and I would agree about who James Dobson is.
    James Dobson is not a spokesman for Christianity. He is a Christian who speaks. Kind of like me. He’s not even the face or Chairman of Focus on the Family anymore.
    Dick Armey was warning us about him, and I am agreeing.

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