“So we do live in a jackboot society.”

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“So we do live in a jackboot society.”

The video, also below the fold, is long but worth watching to the end. It will send chills up your spine. You will also never want to visit Electra, Texas.


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  • joe

    Indeed I think we are getting there. On Autoblog there is a really good article about a man in NM, that was arrested and physically assaulted by a medical center, http://www.autoblog.com/2014/02/25/traffic-stop-anal-probe-civil-rights-violations-video/ where he won a 1.6 million dollar judgment against the sheriffs department, and then the incident involving vaginal cavity searches of two women in Texas on the side of the road by a female officer, these stories just keep coming along. I think that it may be a very tough job to be in law enforcement, especially in the southern tier states joining Mexico, but there is no justification for these kinds of actions that seem to be motivated by federal dollars. in the traffic stop that is in this video, it was not even a traffic stop, these two officers were outright rude to this couple, where has the civility gone, why is not the ACLU and the courts more assertive in these manners?

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