So, when does Ted Cruz get his apology?

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So, when does Ted Cruz get his apology?

Cruz, recognizing that Obamacare is a disaster, tried to stop it. The Democrats, in love with Obamacare and oblivious to its impending problems, fought back and forced the government shutdown rather than agree to any of Cruz’s proposals. At the same time, Cruz was called all kinds of names by people on both the left and the right. (Consider John McCain, who was vicious in his attacks on Cruz but now is calling for a full repeal of Obamacare.)

Cruz was right however. Obamacare is a disaster. It must be repealed. And the Democrats must be forced to agree or pay the penalty at the ballot box.



  • Rod Packwood

    Full disclosure The Affordable Healthcare Law should re-nick-named
    Obama don’t Care

  • Cotour

    Why would anyone think that Ted Cruz needs to be apologized to? Is he in second grade, do people think that his feeling have been hurt?

    Ted Cruz is taking care of business, no apologies needed, expected or asked for.

  • joe

    Agreed, he was sent in to shake the apple tree, he and Mike Lee and a couple of others are doing what the tea party, who helped to elect them wanted. In my mind the tea party is more of the base of the republican party than the “establishment republicans”.

  • wade

    cruz and mcCain should be shot for Treason

  • Cotour

    Your going have to flesh that out, that’s very broad statement that I would be interested in your justification for making. I can only agree with 50 percent of it.

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