Social Security paid $1.7 million to dead federal workers

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Government in action! An audit of Social Security has discovered that the agency paid $1.7 million to dead federal workers.

An audit released by the agency’s inspector general Monday revealed that the Social Security Administration had not crosschecked beneficiaries’ deaths with the Office of Personnel Management, which manages federal employees. Missing just 35 deaths cost taxpayers $1.7 million.

“OPM’s annuitant file contained deaths that were not recorded in SSA’s systems,” the inspector general said. “SSA paid $1.7 million in [Old-Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance] OASDI benefits to 35 deceased beneficiaries. The average payment after death was $49,156 for an average of 84 months. …Additionally, we estimate SSA would have continued paying these beneficiaries approximately $258,000 over the next year had the deaths not been identified,” the inspector general said. Another six deceased individuals received $56,695 after their benefits were terminated by the agency.

The response by Social Security? The agency called the $1.7 million payments to dead government workers an “extremely small number.”



  • Localfluff

    Maybe they hope that Saint Peter, the doorkeeper of Heaven, takes cashshsh to let their souls in?

  • marge strach

    No common sense, when they sent those checks out WHO WAS CASHING THEM???? How about getting the money back. How about jail time for who ever got that money, because there is no way dead people come back to life just to cash a check!

  • Max

    Most checks are direct deposit for sometime now, if no one drains the bank account and it sits idle for 3 to 7 years (depending on the location) The state will confiscate accounts because they are Idol. Many retirees have lost their savings because they let the accounts sit with no action for too long.

    There’s been rumors of people in state agencies who will forge or change a will so that they can inherit delinquent accounts from those who die with no family. I suspect for these kind of transactions, these are the people who are “cashing the checks”

    But then we all heard the stories how grandpa has gone to visit his sister while the family that’s living with him is taking care of his house… Only no one has seen grandpa for 20 years.…

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