Socialists win four Democratic primaries in Pennsylvania

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At least they’re honest about who they are: Four socialist candidates won the Democratic Party primaries in Pennsylvania yesterday.

Two were in Philadelphia, and two were in Pittsburgh. Three of the four face no Republican opposition in the general election, which means there will be in increased polarization in the Pennsylvania state government. This also likely means that the governments of both cities will shift leftward. We can therefore reliably predict, as has happened in every place where socialists take power, that the quality of life in both Philadelphia and Pittsburgh will go down, even as both experience ballooning budgets and deficits.


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  • As the quality of life declines, the same people who voted for those folks and can afford to will be the first to leave these cities. I’ve seen it happen in North Carolina with the influx of Yankees from the Northeast, and Oregon has for years been accommodating economic refugees from California and recently Washington.

    Progressives love to cry about cleaning up other people’s messes, but they sure seem happy to let those they claim to care most about rot in the socio-economic dystopias they’ve created while they go ruin someone else’s home.

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