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Some reasons to panic, part 2

Left wing fantasies meet the real world: Apropos my previous post about the refusal of the modern intellectual liberal elite to face reality, on Thursday a liberal Democrat Texas judge and two assistants entered the Ebola-infected apartment of America’s first Ebola patient without any protection.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins shocked the local press corps Thursday night when he and two female workers entered the apartment where America’s first Ebola patient was staying. He entered without any visible protection from possible exposure to the deadly virus. Judge Jenkins entered the apartment to speak with the occupants who are now being held inside their home under a protection order requiring their compliance. He and two unknown women entered and were not visibly wearing gloves or any kind of mask or other form of protection from the virus.

This idiot and his assistants are now wandering around Dallas, shaking hands at political rallies and possibly spreading the disease far and wide. But it is all okay because he cares for these poor infected blacks and wants to help them. And if you die because of his actions it will only be because you are a raaaaaacist!

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  • PeterF

    “The President says we are safe and the President never lies.”
    – Too many letters for a gravestone inscription?

  • Pzatchok

    Jail them, fine them and charge them for all the medical expenses they will incur.

    Jail time for breaking a court ordered quarantine.
    Fine them for being stupid.
    Bill them because they can obviously afford the best care, so they should pay for it.

  • Steve C

    If this judge is the idiot that locked those poor people in a hot zone, I’d say good, but I suppose he could infect others.

  • joe

    The inmates are running the asylum, no sane person who knows anything about ebola would do this to themselves or allow others to go in with them. This judge(supposedly a person with wisdom) walked into a hot zone knowing that he could become infected, nothing here makes any sense!

  • Matt in AZ

    Oh, it’s way worse than this asinine visit – other officials who helped move the family from the apartment and hazmat crews cleaning the site have been unprotected.

  • Matt in AZ

    …though some crews are wearing a lot of protective gear. So I guess it’s all or nothing on protection, whatever goes.

  • Cotour

    We will know in about 20 days or so how foolish or lucky the judge and his companions are. From what I understand about it they would have to actually personally come into contact with bodily fluids that contained the virus to become infected, as far as know it is not transmitted through the air. So if they just stood and spoke to the residents they theoretically should be OK. And we all know how funny theories can be. (Hum, did I touch that door knob or not? )

    That being said IMO it was unnecessary and risky and I understand that an anonymous person has made another location available to the family. Maybe too little too late but they are out of there. And if the visit was some kind of liberal gesture of compassion and support / public PR move I don’t have much use for it either.

  • WJD

    Seems like this cascade of errors has occurred under the watch of the Texas Health Commission. Rick Perry has more to answer for than Obama

  • Edward

    Cotour said, “From what I understand about it they would have to actually personally come into contact with bodily fluids that contained the virus to become infected, as far as know it is not transmitted through the air.”

    Although this is true, when one speaks or coughs then, just as with a sneeze, there is an aerosol that spews outward, and that is another, seemingly innocent, way that these same bodily fluids can contact a new victim. CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden recently admitted, on CNN, that we can still contract Ebola while talking with an infected person who is a mere three feet away.

    Because the disease is limited to a few thousand in Liberia, rather than the entire population, it is clear that sufficient precautions can be taken to limit the spread. But the precautions *must* be taken in order to limit the spread.

    This is why, a century ago, the US quarantined immigrants at Ellis Island and Angel Island, to prevent the spread of diseases brought in from foreign lands. We seem to have skipped that part when we took in thousands of children who illegally crossed our southern border, this past summer, and now there are reports of an unexpected respiratory virus (Enterovirus D68) hospitalizing hundreds of our schoolchildren around the country. Coincidence? More likely incompetence on the part of government.

    When we don’t take disease seriously, perhaps because the government somehow believes that it is unlikely to come to America or, once it is here, that it is unlikely to spread, then a pandemic is far more likely than the governing-class believes.

    At least two US doctors, who knew how to avoid contagion, contracted Ebola in Liberia, and even a US camera operator did, too. They knew that they needed to take precautions, but now we find that a US judge is not so smart — and he exposes two of his employees, too, then all three mingle among the rest of us.

    When idiots and incompetents are in charge, things can go very bad very fast. Things are not as under control as these people would have us believe. As we have already seen in the US, these past few years.

    Among other things, terrorism spreads — but those in charge do not call it terrorism, US guns cross the border and kill hundreds of Mexicans, US embassies and consulates become deathtraps for Ambassadors and their staffs (and rescuers), our rights become trampled by the very government agencies that are supposed to protect them (e.g. IRS, EPA, DOJ, VA, etc.), foreign nations neither respect nor cooperate with us, the president is no longer safe in his government-provided and protected home, and the government has the audacity to be so tyrannical as to determine how we are to spend our own money.

    And it is all over some stupid need for everyone to have equal self-esteem and for a sense of “fairness” (although who defines what is fair, and to whom? — Is it really fair that one person works for a living, but a non-worker lives just as well by using income stolen from the worker? Whatever happened to the story of the Little Red Hen?).

    Now, those who are responsible for our health and safety seem incompetent to be so responsible.

    What a cluster.

  • Sure, Rick Perry is not looking good in the handling of the Texas ebola situation, but how does that absolve the judge for acting so stupid? It does not. This judge acted with incredible foolishness, risking not only his life but the lives of his two assitants as well as everyone they come in contact with for the next few weeks.

  • Cotour

    You, Edward, you sir are a racist for mentioning the words “Ellis Island” in the context of this modern situation! How dare you suggest that human beings in compliance or out of compliance with our immigration laws be inconvenienced during their travel by 1. being forced to lower themselves to be physically examined and medically evaluated and 2. possibly being denied entry into this country if they are found to be carrying a contagious or communicable disease or 3. be quarantined. And in addition there is something called “Obamacare” and that alone should prove too much of a barrier for the ebola virus. (srcsm)

    Like I said its a theory and we will know in about 20 days whether it will be proven to be correct or not. You know my default assumption: you must assume that any information that comes out of the government is a lie until you can reasonably establish what and where the truth is.

    PS: I heard someone suggest that it may be a cleaver strategy or happy accident if ebola were to enter the U.S., then there would certainly be developed a cure and the whole world would be saved.

  • Pzatchok

    Its standard practice in cases like this.

    The area is already infected. The people being quarantined are more than likely already infected. Why risk moving them around to a new clean area risking more peoples lives?

    The only time people are quarantined in hospitals in when they are already there. Why contaminate the hospital when all your doing is watching and waiting for the symptoms?
    If the symptoms appear assess the situation and deal with it then.
    In the mean time the occupants can clean out the infected house.

    But in this case the infected occupants just wanted to go out and have a good old time lake nothing was going on and to leave the house for the government to clean up.

    I bet they even try to find a way to sue the hospital or the government to replace everything in the house.
    Which they will not win because the male came hereby lying about being around Ebola cases in the last month.
    He broke several laws to get his way and thus placed untold numbers of people at the risk of death. Including the ones he supposedly loved.
    Would you do such a thing? Would you run around an Ebola infected area touching everything and everyone and then run home to hug and kiss those you loved.
    They prosecute people for attempted murder who intentionally have sex while knowing they have HIV/aids. Why not prosecute him?

  • Edward

    I forgot about “Obamacare.” How silly of me. Thank you for the reminder. Obamacare is the cure-all and end-all of everything. Especially the end-all part.

    In fact, why are we worrying about Ebola in the first place? We should just extend Obamacare to Liberia, and this plague-like outbreak will be all over in no time. Especially all over the planet.

    [End of silliness. End of sarcasm. End of a healthy, wealthy, and wise America.]

    (BTW: it was mostly Europeans who came via Ellis Island. There was somewhat less documentation for those arriving for the slave trade (this would be pre-1808), and those from the Pacific rim tended to come via Angel Island, in the San Francisco Bay. I suspect that the Ellis Island comment makes me a “Euro-centric” racist, the slave comment makes me a KKK-type racist, and the Angel Island comment makes me some other type of racist. Oh, and criticizing the government is apparently racist these days, too, despite the First Amendment. I sure can pile up the demerits, can’t I?

    (Oops, *now* it is the end of silliness, etc.)

  • DK Williams

    One will never go broke betting against the competence of government, especially at the Federal level as they are least accountable.

  • Cotour

    DK, I think by just stating that its a given that government is “incompetent” in some way gives government an excuse for being incompetent. This to me panders to the thinking that government and the people are on the same page and playing by the same rules, and they are not. The peoples perspective is from the moral point of view and the government plays in a game where there are no morals for the most part but the people who become empowered and inhabit government want / need to appear to be moral. The empowerment of the individuals in government although they come from the “moral” ranks of the people by necessity creates people who become amoral as it relates to governmental strategy and policy.

    I know this is putting a very detailed point on your point but the explanation of how things happen and get done (or not done) deserves to be understood and looked at much closer.

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