Something is wrong with China’s lunar rover.

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Something is wrong with China’s lunar rover.

The link above is exceedingly short, one sentence, and describes the problem as an “abnormity” which makes no sense, so there is as yet no clear idea what the issue is.

A longer report is here, but it doesn’t add much, other than the “abnormality” is related to “mechanical control.”



  • Cotour

    We have to make sure that they did not miss anything when they stole the technology from us to get there in the first place. Obama should get a Clinton on that to get them updated. Maybe this is where Chelsea can make her bones.

  • Don

    I said so early on, and feel that they’ve been covering up problems in the best USSR way.

  • Scott

    This could be a serious problem for anyone found responsible for the “mechanical control abnormality.” Mechanical engineering types aren’t cut out for extended tours in a rice paddy.

  • Chris L

    Since the tour won’t last longer than it takes to get a bullet in the head, that won’t be an issue. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “failure is not an option”.

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