Son of Democrat VP candidate charged for attacking pro-Trump demonstrators

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The civility of Democrats: The son of Democrat vice-presidential candidate Tim Kaine has been arrested and criminally charged for his participation in violent attacks against pro-Trump demonstrators at the Minnesota state capital on March 4.

To get a flavor of this civility, read this from the police reports:

During the rally, protesters arrived at the Capitol. Most were peaceful but some (more than 10) were wearing face and head coverings, and wearing goggles. Rally participants tried to physically block the stairs leading to the rotunda where the rally was taking place. Protesters pushed and shoved trying to get down the stairs, then began employing smoke bombs, tear gas (aka mace), and fireworks. Several people, identified in police reports, had to be treated by paramedics due to the effects of tear gas.”

A Minnesota State Trooper observing the crowd from the west staircase saw Bueckert spray several people with tear gas. Bueckert then ran up the stairs to the second floor. About 30 seconds later, the trooper saw Bueckert “run back down the stairs, pushing through the crowd and punching people at the bottom of the stairs.” The trooper grabbed Bueckert and placed him under arrest. Bueckert resisted the arrest and the trooper later discovered he suffered a broken thumb from the struggle.

It appears that Kaine’s son was one of the 10 wearing masks, and tried to flee when police moved in.

Note that though I have not posted anything about the Republican candidate in Montana who attacked a reporter, I do not condone that candidate’s behavior either. The reporter might have been rude and trespassing, but violence as a response is inappropriate. That such violence is beginning to be acceptable to both sides is another sign that civilization is dying and that we are heading for a new dark age.



  • pzatchok

    The Montana guy admitted to it and will take his punishment. No crying involved.

    Kaines kid will fight it all the way.
    The nuts never fall far from the tree.

  • Cotour

    I am sure that he has been told by his father “Job well done son, lets see if we can find you a good lawyer who could see further than a ridiculous charge of attempted murder and get this entirely dismissed. The name James Comey comes to mind, he has some free time on his hands.

    Anyone who can give a 13 minute speech laying out the multiple and blatant reasons to indict Hillary Clinton and then at the end come to the conclusion that no indictment is appropriate, that is our man!

    Maybe Kanes kid could show up in one of these

    in order to soften his appearance, you know, to show that he is a “sensitive man” and would never do what is recorded showing him doing that he is accused of.

  • wayne

    I was thinking more along the lines of….

    “Fortunate Son”
    Credence Clearwater Revival

    “…It ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no Senator’s son…”

    […it ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no millionaire’s son, no, no….]

    (9 challenges from reCAPTCHA on this one)

  • Cotour

    Great song when you listen closely to the lyrics, short and to the point.

    (Wayne and anyone else being driven nuts and frustrated by Captcha. Go to the head phone icon and use the audio ques. This is more direct and a sure onetime entry method. I suggest that the required number of entry’s in the audio Captcha component be lowered to about 3 to 5 for convenience. Is the Zman listening? I just tried to audio enter on this post and I see that the entrys required have been powered to 5 from I think 9. Well done Zman.)

  • wayne

    Reference reCAPTCHA–
    -as long as I don’t have to sign-in anywhere, I really don’t have a problem with these challenges. Minor inconvenience at most. (for me, the alternatives are probably worse.)

    I’m a firm believer in turning all the lefty music from the 60’s, back against these people.
    (the allegedly oppressed, have become the oppressors, and 1/2 of them do not realize it…)

    while I’m at it—
    ( lyric-video)

    “..and though the Past has it’s share of injustice,
    kind was the Spirit in many a way.
    But it’s protectors & friend’s have been sleeping,
    Now it’s a Monster, and will not obey…

    The Spirit, it was freedom & justice,
    And it’s keeper’s seemed generous & kind,
    It’s Leader’s were supposed to serve the Country,
    Now they don’t pay it no mind.

    the cities have turned into jungles,
    And corruption has spread through the Land.
    The Police force is watching the People,
    and the People just can’t understand…”

  • Cotour

    I have to make a correction: I stated that Kain’s kid was charged with murder, that is not accurate, he was charged with a much less serious offence. I was thinking of that professor who hit the Trump supporter with a bicycle lock and drew blood. My bad.

  • ken anthony

    What they forget is that violence is an appropriate response to violence at some point. I’ve got multiple organ failure. Any violence against me would be a threat to my life. For the few seconds I’d have to respond, they would definitely be risking their lives. Even a perfectly healthy human body is very frail.

    This is why I have to constantly remind myself of Psalm 11:5.

  • Steve Earle

    There’s a big difference between violence in response to a perceived threat and violence which is pre-meditated…..

    Not defending the newly elected Congressman since I wasn’t there and it hasn’t gone to court yet, but it is interesting that he may have actually gained votes for attempting to throttle the obnoxious reporter LOL

    And for those who say that violence never solves anything, history disagrees. Violence and the credible threat of violence has solved EVERYTHING in human history. In fact, it is usually when weakness is shown that problems multiply and human suffering is greatly magnified.

    For recent evidence look no further than the rise of ISIS….. I personally lay each horrific death seen on video at Obama’s feet. His decision to withdraw from Iraq the way he did opened the door to ISIS and left that entire region in chaos.

    That is not to say that we should condone violence in Politics, but unless the response is equally “violent” by means of anti-riot police, arrest of ALL doers not just one or two Martyrs, trial, and swift, sure punishment, then the violence has worked for them and will continue to be used.

    How many “Occupiers” were ever arrested? How many Black Bloc protesters? How many Black Lives Matter rioters? How many violent Trump protesters?

    There is a clear double standard regarding tolerance of violence by the Left and until it is met by painful consequences it will continue to be used as a successful strategic policy of the Left.

  • Cotour

    Steve Earl, I have said this many times, you are a wise man.

  • wayne

    I will 2nd that motion.

  • Aaron

    Meanwhile, VP Pence’s son continues his training as a Marine fighter pilot.

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