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South Africa begins confiscating white-owned farms

They’e coming for you next: The South African government has begun the process to confiscate, without compensation, thousands white-owned farms, and it appears it is willing to do it without regards to the country’s constitution.

The South African parliament voted in February to send its Constitutional Review Committee a motion to work on such a measure introduced by the Marxist Economic Freedom Fighters party with ANC support. Mr. Ramaphosa said the ANC would make sure the amendment “outlines more clearly the conditions under which expropriation of land without compensation can be effected.”

But in another warning shot to white farmers and a possible foreshadowing of Seizures even beyond Akkerland Boerdery, the president hinted that the government might not even see itself as needing that amendment. A “proper reading” of the constitution and its current property clause, he said, “enables the state to effect expropriation of land with just and equitable compensation, and also expropriation without compensation in the public interest.”

Mr. Rampahosa, defending that position, said that the state having the power to seize property for no compensation will encourage economic growth. “The ANC reaffirmed its position that a comprehensive land reform program that enables equitable access to land will unlock economic growth by bringing more land in South Africa to full use and enable the productive participation of millions more South Africans in the economy,” he said.

This might be in South Africa, but these actions, bigoted and racist at their core and being pushed by the left, are only another reflection of the tyrannical lust for power that drives collectivists everywhere. In the U.S. the left for now merely attacks whites for being whites in academia. The aim however is no different that that of the Marxists in South Africa, to oppress one race for the fake benefit of another, with all power devolving to the corrupt leftist demagogues who make believe they are fair-minded politicians while pushing race hatred.

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  • Steve H.

    Frustrating to see history repeating itself. Hello, South Africa, your neighbor Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) went down this path already! It will not end well. Foreign investment will dry up, tourists will find other countries to safari in etc. Twice blinded by Marxism and racism, the ANC can see no better way?

  • Localfluff

    This guy makes short overviews of different different countries and political phenomena. He has no understanding at all for the race issue och islam, but he does understand government economics. It is very common that governments suddenly totally destroy their own countries. I know very little about South America so it is a an efficient introduction for me, and the story is pretty much the same in every country. Pure thievery and idiocy. I had no idea Argentina was the world’s richest country 100 years ago.

    Johannesburg, the city of gold (or trash):

    And Sweden next up, a majority will vote for islamism and socialism, the two most murderous ideologies in world history, 9/9, in what will be the last election ever in Sweden. A million anonymous islamists will be imported in the next four years and that’s the end of society. Someone’s got a room for rent across the pond?

  • wayne

    The Coming Civil War In South Africa

  • Col Beausabre

    “The ANC reaffirmed its position that a comprehensive land reform program that enables equitable access to land will unlock economic growth”

    No, what you will see is economic collapse as foreigners stop investing in South Africa and everyone who can, foreign or native, tries to sell off and get their money out on the basis of this being the canary in the mine. If it can happen to the white farmers, it can (and will) happen to you. After all there’s such inequality in wealth, we must confiscate it from the wealthy (productive) members of society and transfer it to the deserving members of society. (Sound familiar?)

    Or should we call it “reparations” (Ring a bell?)

    Be ready to hear about restrictions on moving your money from South Africa to other countries

    Venezuela here we come!

    PS: Isn’t this racist? (I know, I know, it is impossible for certain ethnic groups to be racist). The Afrikaners have lived in South Africa for centuries and the British influx dates back a century or so – at what point are they “South African”

  • Cotour


    Sound familiar?

    The trajectory of Western style Democracy by its nature, unchecked and counter balanced, becomes Liberal Democracy and the logical intellectual result taken to its ultimate runaway train unopposed momentum is chaos and regression. I am certain that this analysis will disturb Diane Wilson for sure but taken to its logical conclusion these situations are what they are, expressions of different flavors of power.

    When power shifts whether through violence and warfare or the intellectual usurping of a system the result will be chaos and then some new model of operation based on the new power structure. When a power structure is based on the time tested more forceful flavor combined with the intellectual concepts based in something like the Constitution there is some degree of hope if civilization and progress is the goal, for a while any way. But when a power structure is installed based purely on the intellectual usurping of that first model using the system against itself then what will result is weak and more easily manipulated and corrupted.

    Weakness is the realm where the Socialist / Communist type models flourish. Prepare for death and destruction and nothing worth much of anything at the other end of this process in South Africa. But the people will be “free” based on their new power model. Probably starving and living in squalor and thatched huts in a land of plenty. And there is a kind of freedom in that model.

  • OM

    I was increasingly worried, but now white patriots are stepping up and being heard.

  • wayne

    This is a very dangerous game the black communists are playing. (They think, they are going to win…)

    Pink Floyd
    “Your Possible Pasts”

    “They flutter behind you your possible pasts,
    Some bright-eyed and crazy some frightened and lost.
    A warning to anyone still in command,
    Of their possible future to take care.
    In derelict sidings the poppies entwine,
    With cattle trucks lying in wait, for the next time…”

  • OM

    Wayne, you know what needs to be done. If you have not done so already, look up your local white patriot organization and join.

  • OM: You appear to want to make this a race issue, which makes you as much a bigot as the communists in South Africa. This issue has to do with liberty vs tyranny. Both whites and blacks can support either. To focus on race only makes things worse.

  • wayne

    While I do advocate harsh measures against tyrants, it’s not really a ‘white/black’ thing at it’s core. [it’s Liberty Vs. Tyranny]
    It is however being organized (and countered) along binary racial lines, straight out of the Marxist-playbook.
    It’s a very dangerous Game.

    When Victimhood Leads to Genocide
    Prof. Jordan Peterson
    [excerpt 2017 Maps of Meaning, lecture 4 Marionettes & Individuals]

  • wayne

    Mr. Z. – you beat me to it; despite the way this is always portrayed, it’s not really a racial thing at it’s core.
    This is radical egalitarian Marxist African national congress totalitarian stuff.

    (Have to draw the line at “white superiority” stuff. Too far…)

    Evil Bloody Well Exists –
    Prof. Jordan Peterson

  • OM

    Mister Z, I applaud sites like BehindtheBlack for highlighting the threat that liberals pose to white people, whether they are in the United States or around the world. So keep up the good work. Freedom!

  • OM: You once again make this a race issue. Liberals and the left pose a threat to all people, black and white. If your interest is only to protect those with white skins, you pose as much a threat to me as any bigoted leftist.

    I do not tolerate bigotry here. Be warned.

  • Andrew_W

    In South Africa there is a wide spread perception of injustice in the distribution of wealth, that the whites benefited from a couple of centuries of white rule (they did).

    To not have the majority of the voting population not be in favor of this redistribution as a form of correcting this perceived injustice the perception must be changed or sated in some other way.

    Don’t take my comment as an endorsement of the forced redistribution, Mr. Zimmerman is correct that the results will be economically catastrophic. my point is only that the South African public has the right to vote for a government that has policies that they perceive are in the peoples interests, so it’s the perception that needs to be changed.

    How should that be achieved?

  • wayne

    It’s beyond economically catastrophic.

    Avoiding the bottom-less pit of the Radical Left & Radical Right
    Jordan Peterson

  • Andrew_W

    Wayne, your comment is just an attempt to divert rather that address my point:

    How can perceptions be changed so that what looks certain to happen doesn’t happen?

    As I see it it’s all a bit like Asimov’s foundation: The Empire was going to collapse, in Hari Seldon’s time nothing could be done to stop it, so there’s no point in trying to attribute blame. The seeds for what’s happening in SA weren’t sown by Marxists, they’ve been cultivated for a couple of centuries.

  • FC


    I agree that bad times were inevitable for the white South Africans. My criterion for impending collapse of order in South Africa is whether the ANC targets the Indian minority, as the Ugandan government did decades ago.

  • Edward

    One problem — perhaps the largest — is that people have a tendency toward revenge for past wrongs.

    In the U.S., some people, among them are great great grandchildren of slaves, want to take revenge upon the great great grandchildren of the very few slave owners, and they don’t care that those grandchildren never did anything morally wrong or that people who have no slavery in their ancestry are also adversely affected. This bigotry against an unknown group of people becomes a bigotry against an identifiable group of people, in this case based upon skin color.

    (To expand upon Col Beausabre: at what point is their skin color the correct skin color? For Elizabeth Warren, it is 1/32, as judged by “high cheek bones.”)

    Unfortunately, rather than advocate for equality of opportunity for all, too many advocate for a form of revenge. In the early 1970s, the U.S. Supreme Court decided that discrimination based upon race, sex, and various national heritages was acceptable — so long as it was “reverse discrimination.” What a bigoted point of view! This changed U.S. national law and policy slightly toward the Jim Crow laws of certain states.

    It raises the question, when has there been enough reverse discrimination, and will it be fair in the future to return to the previous policies of discrimination in order to make up for the current inequalities?

    An unexpected consequence of this “Affirmative Action” was that it has come to be an institutionalized policy that assumes that certain groups of people are unable to do well on their own as the other group(s) — that they are lesser peoples — thus are unable to care for themselves in society without government direction and control. Rather than becoming a united people, as the Founding Fathers had intended, we have become divided by identity politics, where a group of people can manage to force those they disagree with out of business, out of their jobs or careers, or even harm their religions and other freedoms — which are antithetical to the U.S. Constitution and the concepts of freedom and liberty.

    These are only some of the harmful effects of bigotry.

    Localfluff brings up the point that Sweden is allowing itself to be influenced by bigoted refugees. Rather than thank Sweden for saving them from whatever bigotry and evil they supposedly are escaping, they demand that Sweden follow the cultures and laws of their homelands — the same laws and cultures that supposedly led to their exile or escape. I would call this ironical, but I believe that it is not a move for their own safety as much as it is a move to spread their own bigoted culture around the world; it is strategic, not ironic.

  • Localfluff

    Being kind is perceived as weakness and provokes attacks.

    White South Africans claim that they settled uninhabited land. That the blacks immigrated later, because of the wealth they could gain from trading and interacting with the European settlers. Colonization of Africa was of tremendous value to the indigenous. Access to modern medicine, even in the late 18th century, quickly increased their population. As did the construction of the first infrastructure and agriculture and the access to industrial goods such as modern clothes and foods.

    The European settlers went to Africa, and America, in order to farm the land. It was the indigenous people who here and there started violent hostilities against what they saw as intruders. Since they did not differ between soldiers and civilians, and sometimes used torture and cannibalism, the response was brutal too. But the Europeans saw Christianity as the solution for a peaceful co-existence, not extermination.

  • Localfluff

    Late 19th century, I mean above.

  • Ryan Lawson

    I had an opportunity to work with a few South Africans a few years ago. One of them had been an army medic and then for a while a paramedic attached to the Johannesburg fire department. He had hours worth of stories of the insanity there. They would show up to put out fires in shanty towns and would be promptly attacked by the people whose homes they showed up to save, then would have to call in an armored bulldozer to just shovel the burning shacks into a pile to stop it from spreading. They were frequently shot at while responding. One time they were called to treat a man who dropped on the street from a heart attack, and while treating him someone in an apartment above shoved a refrigerator off the balcony to try to kill them, missing them by only a couple feet. He eventually quit, moved out into the countryside and built up his own fortified compound with walls, barbed wire, security cameras etc. One night while coming home he got jumped by 3 assailants, one immediately stabbing him in the leg. He had a pistol in his car which he managed to reach, shot the stabber dead, then had a gunfight with one carrying an AK. He hit that guy, severing his spine, and the third guy ran away. In response, the local authorities confiscated his pistol and threatened him with legal action for overzealous use of force. He said if he could go back in time he would have executed the gunner and shot the one who was running away, then killed him too so there would have been no one left alive to lodge a complaint against him.

    One of the other guys was fairly progressive, but talked about how when they turned over farms to the natives they didn’t know how to run them using the latest technology and they had little drive to produce any more food than they needed for their families so crop production declined significantly.

    I wish I still had their contact info so I could get their perspective on what’s going on there.

  • Localfluff

    An Afrikaaner podcaster:

    “I would like to thank God and the leader of the free world, for I’ve just received today the most wonderful news I’ve ever heard in my life!”

    I like it how Trump has patience with engaging the different problems in the world. He gives leaders of Iran and China and South Africa time to better themselves on their own, before he puts the search light on them and make them [deleted]. Now, you still have a chance, Maduro!

  • Localfluff: I have deleted the clearly indicated obscenity. Using a few ** is not sufficient, especially when the goal is to make the obscenity obvious.

    I have said this repeatedly, I will not have obscenities or foul language on Behind the Black. You want to live in the gutter, then go elsewhere.

    I like your comments a lot, but I have suspended your account before. And I will do it again. You have been warned.

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