Soyuz crew returns safely to Earth, despite radio problems

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One of the two three-man crews on ISS have returned safely to Earth, despite an unexpected communciations blackout during their descent.

In related news, the Russians have slightly delayed the launch dates for the next manned flights to ISS, which also means that the next test flight of Falcon 9/Dragon will have to be delayed until 2012. Moreover, the Russians are once again balking at allowing Dragon to dock with ISS on this first flight.



  • Chris Kirkendall

    HUH??? Am I missing something?? Since when does RUSSIA get to dictate who can or can’t dock at the ISS? It’s called the INTERNATIONAL Space Station, not the Republic of Russia station. I’m open to hearing anyone’s explanation – as I said, maybe I’m missing something…

  • Joe2

    If you have the only crewed vehicle that can reach the ISS, you’d be suprised what you can dictate.

    On a more sreious note, does anyone have details on how this communications blackout differs from the expected ones during peak heating on re-entry? From the news accounts I have not been able to tell.

  • Chris Kirkendall

    Joe2 – you may be right about that. After making my comment, I was thinking, well, what can we really do about it, since we’re now going to have to rely on Soyuz to get our astronauts up there? They’re kind of in the driver’s seat right now. And they stand to lose a lot of $$ once we have a home-grown commercial co. (SpaceX & others…) who can do it – and probably cheaper to boot. So I’m sure they’re in no hurry to help us do that ! !

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