Soyuz launches two astronauts to ISS

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A Russian Soyuz rocket successfully launched two astronauts to ISS today.

The capsule used the fast rendezvous approach, and docked with the station later in the day.



  • LocalFluff

    Wasn’t it supposed to fly a paying third astronaut, to earn Russians some money? I read that the Russian are decreasing their crew because they cut down the Progress launches from 4 to 3 per year to save costs. But I’m surprised they cannot instead sell the extra seat to another ISS-space agency or company.

  • geoffc

    Ben Shapiro was banned from speaking a few months ago (I forget where now) and he arrived anyway. He inquired and the police informed him if he stepped foot on campus he would be arrested. He has a wife and kids and chose not to. I hope Coulter pushes the issue all the way.

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