Space Adventures and tourists to the Moon

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Space Adventures and tourists to the Moon.

After consultation with Rocket Space Corporation Energia, modifications to the Soyuz TMA configuration have been agreed upon. The most important of which is the addition of a second habitation module to the Soyuz TMA lunar complex. The additional module would launch with the Block DM propulsion module and rendezvous with the Soyuz spacecraft in low-Earth orbit.

“Space Adventures will once again grace the pages of aerospace history, when the first private circumlunar mission launches. We have sold one of the two seats for this flight and anticipate that the launch will occur in 2015,” said Richard Garriott, Vice-Chairman of Space Adventures. “Having flown on the Soyuz, I can attest to how comfortable the spacecraft is, but the addition of the second habitation module will only make the flight that more enjoyable.”



  • omg this is going to be awesome for every space nut not just the two etremely lucky nuts that get to go . bring a good camera!!!

  • Blair Ivey

    I think I’d want to see a few proof-of-hardware flights first.

  • during apollo they just went around first try right? they didn’t send an empty empty ship then before trying it with people , maybe its a bit more risky with billionaire civilians than military aviators but hey we should have much better technology now . i wanna see this happen!

  • Kelly Starks

    >You during apollo they just went around first try right? ==

    Yeah adn they figured the odds of killing the crew was 50-50.

    >== hey we should have much better technology now.

    No, Soyuz is the old Soviet compeditor to Apollo. It doesn’t use better/newer technology.

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