Spaceship Lands at San Francisco Airport

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The future is here: Spaceship lands at San Francisco airport. And yes, that is an accurate headline!



  • Even though the schedule has slipped for SpaceShipTwo, Virgin is still developing SpaceShipThree. I have this vision of going to SFO within the next decade and finding a Virgin Galactic flight to Sydney. Flight time:90 minutes.

    I can only imagine that companies like Virgin, Scaled Composites, and Space X are flooded with applications from young engineers that want a piece of the action.

  • Kelly Starks

    Not as rosy for new folks as yuo might think. SpaceX was laying off a good fraction of its staff as of a couple months ago, and Scaled’s not involved in V.G. projects past SS2 (and given Rutan has sold out his nitrest to Northrup Grumman, which may be about to sell off much of its assets nicluding Scaled – who knows what Scaled will be doing soon).

  • Please see post for 9 April. Vrigin Galactic is hiring spaceship pilots. Making it happen.

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