SpaceX aiming for Falcon Heavy launch before end of January

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Capitalism in space: According to an Instagram post by Elon Musk, SpaceX now plans to launch their Falcon Heavy rocket before end of January.

Musk’s words:

“Hold-down test fire next week. Launch end of the month.”

Much of course will depend on what happens when they do the hold-down test.



  • Michael P

    Anyone know if the Saturn 5 first stage engines were tested on the pad before launch. I don’t recall reading anything about it.

    A quick google search only shows testing the engines on a test stand.

  • Lee S

    The more I think about Elin launching his Tesla into space, the more I’m convinced it’s another genius idea…
    It’s undoubtedly a great marketing move regardless of the outcome of the launch… even the mangled remains of his Tesla will make for good advertising…
    And I wonder if some of the launch cost can be tax-deductible as advertising?

  • Lee S

    Elon…. Even!

  • ken anthony

    It’s that South African accent, eh? I do hope it goes well, but if things do go bad they will not lose a customer payload. It’s going to be something to see with 27 engines.

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