SpaceX chooses recovered first stage to reuse

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The competition heats up: SpaceX has chosen as the first Falcon 9 first stage to reuse the one that was the first to land successfully on a barge on April 8.

Though they have not announced the mission it will fly, I strongly suspect it will be one of the two SES communications satellites scheduled to launch in the fall. SES has already said they want to buy a launch using a re-used first stage, and the two SES satellites scheduled for the fall have some redundancy between them.


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  • Cotour

    Related, kind of, it has to do with lift off:

    A solution in search of a problem.

    Just a bunch if rich guys making believe that they are doing something other than what they are doing. Rich guys (which I have no problem with) just goofing off with cool technology. You will know that they are serious when one of those rich golfers straps one on and actually uses it for what they say it is for. (If his wife, lawyer or endorsers will allow it. Don’t count on it.)

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