SpaceX completes static fire tests of Falcon Heavy first stages

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Capitalism in space: SpaceX announced today that they have completed static fire testing of the three first stages that will be used on the first Falcon Heavy test flight, tentatively scheduled for sometime in November.

That November launch remains very tentative. The launchpad still needs to be prepped, and these stages still have to be shipped to Florida, assembled, and then undergo at least one static fire test, as a unit. Despite these caveats, it is clear that that SpaceX is getting closer to that first Falcon Heavy launch.



  • wodun

    SpaceX launches have become routine and unless you are there in person, it really isn’t all that exciting to watch. The first FH launches should bring a lot of the drama back.

  • Commodude


    It’s good that they are getting to be routine. Routine=profits. Once something reaches the predictability of an assembly line, costs go down considerably.

    Though I’ve said this before on this forum, Delos Delos is alive and well, despite the efforts to kill the thought.

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