SpaceX gears up for first Falcon Heavy flight

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The competition heats up: SpaceX has already begun construction of one of the booster cores for its first test flight of Falcon Heavy, and expects to have all built by summer.

They have not yet decided on the payload or goal of that first test flight, though they appear to still be aiming for an November launch.

Meanwhile, they have a 1:21 am (eastern) Falcon 9 commercial launch tonight, in which they will also attempt another first stage barge landing.



  • wodun

    Should be cool to watch them try and land all 3 cores. They could do a video with that tiled Brady Bunch effect.

  • Edward

    The video embedded in the second link is excellent.

    First, there is a sound that I suspect corresponds with shipboard thrusters that help to stabilize the pitch and roll of the barge.

    As the rocket touches down, we see the Falcon 9 skid on the deck as sideways momentum is dissipated.

    The sound that I believe corresponds with the thrusters is absent after the engine shuts down, and the barge resumes the pitch and roll.

    The animation in this video may be what you are hoping for:

  • NormD

    Seems to be some confusion as to whether the F9 launch is Thurs or Fri.

    I think it’s Friday.

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