SpaceX is flying again

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SpaceX’s Falcon 9 has successfully launched 10 Iridium satellites, and its first stage has also successfully landed on the barge.

The live view of the first stage landing was especially thrilling, using a camera on the stage, looking down to the Pacific Ocean. While there were a few dropouts, the picture stayed live for the entire descent.



  • wayne

    Yes, way cool Mr. Z.!
    Best continuous video they’ve ever had and with spectacular vantage points.

  • LocalFluff

    Fantastic! From being as high as obviously seeing the curvature of the barge, to landing right on it within a couple of minutes. Again. And again.

    This is how the government does it with their top one priority vehicle:

  • wayne

    yow… was not aware. That’s all it takes?

  • Desmond Murphy

    Great to see Spacex back in business. Here’s hoping all their future launches go as well. I’m really looking forward to Falcon heavy flying, hopefully this year.

  • wayne

    These launches are, quite amazing, on any number of different levels. Most excellent video as well.

    Mr Z.,
    I liked your spreadsheet from last week, speaks volumes unto itself. (and not to suggest cluttering it up, too much.. har)
    An interesting additional data-point might be “amount of stuff launched,” in some standard unit measure which people could easily relate.

  • ‘And that, gentlemen, is how we do that.’

    I hadn’t known about the airbrakes which appear to act as flight controls for terminal descent. I was also expecting the landing gear to deploy earlier than it did. The whole video I’m thinking ‘Wow. This is stuff we (private individuals) can do.’ Perhaps private space should be the buy-in for a national direction.

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