SpaceX lands its first stage on a barge

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The competition heats up: SpaceX has for the first time successfully landed the first stage of its Falcon 9 rocket on a barge, even as it has successfully launched Dragon to ISS.

Go here to see the stage on the barge, even as I type. More here, including images.

That makes two first stages recovered, suggesting that this is going to become increasingly routine for the company. Now comes the next big step, using one of these used stages a second time to launch another satellite.



  • Michael

    Congraulations to SpaceX.

    Additionally, there can now be no doubt that Jason was a righteous landing.

  • mivenho

    Fantastic. Even the naysayers must be impressed.

  • Chris L

    That one took a while to get right, but they did it.

  • Gary M

    I misted up a little. So Proud. So Proud. So Proud. All those young people yelling USA! USA! USA!

  • Wayne

    Excellent video from start to finish!
    Q: How do they get the first-stage back to land? Is that barge powered, or what?

  • wodun

    That was pretty cool to watch on the split screen as the stage comes into frame and lands nearly dead center. Those looked like big waves too, very impressive.

  • D K Rögnvald Williams

    Steely-eyed rocket scientists.

  • jburn

    Wow! I thought it was going to be another hard landing but they stuck it and made it stick — sooo sweet! Congrats!!
    And the chants of “USA , USA” were such a beautiful contrast to the blood-sport of politics.
    Just fantastic.

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