SpaceX launches more Starlink satellites

Capitalism in space: SpaceX tonight successfully put two commercial satellites for another customer plus another 57 of its own Starlink satellites into orbit, using a Falcon 9 rocket that was reusing a first stage flying for the fifth time.

This brings the total number of Starlink satellites now in orbit to 595. They also successfully landed the first stage, making it now available for a sixth flight.

19 China
12 SpaceX
9 Russia

The U.S. has retaken the lead from China in the national rankings, 20 to 19.


  • LocalFluff

    This is happening too frequently for me to keep up with it. It’s like the bus time table. And the sleepwalkers chew their bamboo and hope that nothing will ever change. NASA human space flight division is a plant. SLS will never lift.

  • Richard M

    Really amazing how routine SpaceX is making all this. They’re basically launching every other week. And a couple hiccups this winter notwithstanding, they’re always landing the rockets. Even when they’ve been flown five times.

  • Richard M

    And you know, it occurs to me that, by most key metrics, SpaceX by itself is a greater spacefaring power than Russia is now.

    It’s not just that that they launch a lot more than Russia does. Theyhave a more capable and reliable orbital launch fleet. They have as many launch pads as Russia does. They can now launch humans into space, and more of them, too. They send cargo ships that deliver several times as much cargo per year as Russias Progress ships do. They have three times as many satellites in Earth orbit as Russia does!

    And all this is before Starship reaches operational status.

  • Jay

    I read your post and I thought it was a poem. I started to count the words to see if it was a haiku.

    Excellent observation. SpaceX has now outpaced a major space power, and the first one too!

  • sippin_bourbon

    Haiku contest?

    Capitalist rise
    Enterprise freely flies
    Socialists weeping

    Did I mention I was an expert in bad poetry?
    Not as bad as the Vogons.

  • LocalFluff

    “- Mr. Musk!
    – Musk is now my title, not my name.
    – Okay… Musk, we’ve launched a load of satellites already. What about stepping down to NASA rate and take it easy for a couple of decades?
    – I want launch for breakfast, I want satellites everywhere like a corn flakes box pinata style. I’ve hired you to watch how every bone in your body MOVES!”

  • pzatchok

    You have really captured the Vogonity of the situation.

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