SpaceX moving forward on manned flight

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At a briefing today SpaceX outlined its plans for testing its manned Dragon capsule as well as the rough schedule for the two launch abort tests it must first fly before putting humans on Dragon.

The first test, a launchpad abort test, is expected to take place in about a month. The second, an abort test from an in-flight Falcon 9, is also expected to occur this year.

If all goes well, NASA hopes to have both SpaceX and Boeing flying American astronauts to ISS by 2017.



  • Doug

    My question is – Why is Boeing being given the first “commercial crew” launch on the manifest (in early 2018 most likely) when SpaceX is scheduled to fly their manned test to ISS in early 2017?

    Nepotism at its best.

  • jburn

    “not yet been decided if the test flight will be either a SpaceX crew, a NASA crew, or a mix”.

    Imagine an entirely civilian crew and the implications. Combine this access with a Bigelow inflatable. We are now at the threshold; of being a space faring world.

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