SpaceX offers to buy all nearby property to Boca Chica launchsite

SpaceX has made a purchase offer to all the remaining property owners living in close proximity to its Boca Chica launchsite.

The company has sent a letter to all the owners, stating that the company is

…committed to a fair and equitable process for acquiring this real estate” and, to that end, the company hired an independent firm to appraise each property. … SpaceX is offering you three times the independently appraised fair market value of your property. The offer is good through two weeks from the date of this letter.”

It appears from the article at the link that a number of landowners are unwilling to accept this offer. It appears they to want more money, and also do not like the hard-nosed language of SpaceX’s offer.

Since there are not very many landowners, I would not be surprised if they team-up and get their own negotiating team.


  • David K

    While I don’t endorse the practice, invoking eminent domain is something that Trump has advocated before. Aside from the landowners, I don’t know if many people would complain on principle especially if the offer was 3x the valuation. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  • Scott M.

    My understanding is that their property values are a lot less than the surrounding areas, so even if the owners get 3X valuation they’d have a hard time finding a similar home nearby.

    And I agree with you, David. Eminent domain is abused as it is, I’d hate to see a company I admire resort to such tactics.

  • Edward

    Scott M. wrote: “I’d hate to see a company I admire resort to such tactics.

    I’d hate to see the country that I admire allow such tactics. The Fifth Amendment disallowed such tactics until a decade, or so, ago when the Supreme Court misinterpreted it to mean that private property could be taken for somebody else’s private use. Eminent domain for fun and profit.

  • I must remind everyone that SpaceX has not used any government power here in any way. They are merely using hard-nosed negotiating tactics, which might work, but also might backfire. We shall have to wait and see.

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