SpaceX puts Dragon 9 space capsule on display in D.C.

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SpaceX has put the Dragon 9 space capsule that flew in space on display in D.C. Though it is really cool that they are making the capsule so available to the public, this quote tells us the real story:

With Congress preparing in the weeks ahead to again address the question of government contracts for commercial space businesses such as SpaceX, the company wanted to give it (and attendees of the nearby FAA Commercial Space Transportation Conference) an opportunity to see the capsule. Members of Congress and of the Obama administration were invited to attend a Thursday evening viewing, and company officials said the response has been enthusiastic.



  • Kelly Starks

    The EELV people strongly disagree with the “..the rocket and capsule were designed and financed primarily by a private company.” part. They point out NASA grants etc put more money into Falcon/Dragon then private funds did – While EELV was primarily commercial funding.

    They may get the last laugh though. Even Musks admiting Congress does not see him as a credable provider. If anything they are using SpaceX as the poster child for why commercial crew is a rediculas and dangerous idea.

  • Kelly, again – what are you on about? SpaceX is predominately private funded – by more than 2 to 1.

  • Kelly Starks

    Just quoting the EELV rep on the space show a week or two back, who explained how the bulk is due to NASA grants or contracts, where EELV was higher % commercial investment.

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