SpaceX raises another $100 million in investment capital

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Capitalism in space: In its current round of stock sales SpaceX had raised another $100 million in investment capital.

In August, the space exploration company sold $349.9 million worth of shares, a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing showed. That amount has now risen to $449.9 million, a new filing showed on Monday, adding an extra $100 million onto the current fundraising effort.

The latest injection of cash values SpaceX at $21.5 billion, according to Equidate, a platform that facilitates the trading of shares in private technology firms. SpaceX was not immediately available for comment on the valuation when contacted by CNBC.

If I was a big money investor I too would be interested in buying some SpaceX stock. Meanwhile, Aviation Week is reporting that the first Falcon Heavy launch has slipped to 2018. I am not surprised, but I have also not seen any other news reports on this, so I am withholding judgement.


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  • Michael

    I wish they would open a fund for little guys. Maybe collect pledges or an escrow account and then when they make a monetary goal invest in SpaceX. I would think they might end up raising significant funding and little guys like me would have the satisfaction of on owning a bit of the future even if it might not be the ‘responsible’ thing to do.

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