SpaceX raises more than a billion in investment capital

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Capitalism in space: SpaceX announced this week that it has raised more than a billion dollars in investment capital.

The launch provider turned satellite operator raised $486.2 million in one round, and $535.7 million in another, the company said in May 24 filings to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

The filings show SpaceX sold all but $18.8 million of the shares available between the two rounds. The company raised $1.022 billion in total.

It appears the money will be used to finance the construction of both Super Heavy/Starship and their Starlink satellite constellation. The article also notes that SpaceX generated $2 billion in revenues last year. All told, the company seems to be in very healthy shape financially.



  • wayne

    Concurrently, Tesla recently concluded a(nother) funding round and there’s been scuttlebutt about SpaceX & Tesla “merging.”

    (caveat–consider the source; LA Times = fake news. Morgan Stanley = imaginary fiat money creators and pathological liars.)

    For folks who have access to the Wall Street Journal– numerous lengthy non-flattering ‘articles’ this past week on SpaceX and Tesla. WSJ= Musk-haters, in general. (so to speak.)
    ((complete articles are behind a paywall, so I won’t even bothering linking to them.))

    –I only follow this on a cursory basis– anyone know the progress on fully absorbing Solar-City?? (a money-pit, in my opinion)

  • wayne: Wall St hates Musk because his company is privately held and they can’t buy stock in it. So, the articles in the business press tend to be negative to Musk, and push for getting the company public in some way.

    The articles suggeting SpaceX and Tesla will merge are an example. Pure garbage. Though Musk loves Tesla as much as SpaceX, he won’t let the former destroy the latter if the former is going to die.

  • Max

    Electric vehicles for transportation is the only viable option in an airless environment. The two companies may not merge together, but their destinies are linked.
    Elon’s investment in Solar panels and lithium ion batteries is evidence of preparing for a future where he can control the availability/cost/technology/optimization of utility of his investment into a future colony on the moon, and mars.
    Simply brilliant!

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