SpaceX seeking $250 million more in investment capital

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Capitalism in space: According to anonymous sources, SpaceX is once again seeking more investment capital, this time totaling $250 million.

Last year the company raised $1.33 billion. While not as much as the personal cash that Jeff Bezos has raised for Blue Origin by selling his personal Amazon stock, it has been enough for SpaceX to accomplish far more. Not only is the company about to launch its first manned mission, it has quickly begun assembling its Starlink internet constellation in orbit, while pushing forward on Starship construction.



  • Col Beausaber

    Does Warren Buffet own any SpaxeX…..

  • Col Beausabre: Unknown. SpaceX is not selling public stock. It is selling private stock, or acquiring investment capital. I am no expert on these financial matters, but regardless the investors are not publicly. I doubt Buffet is one of them.

  • Bob B

    They do this not to raise money but to give an $evaluation that/and allows employees to sell stock since they cannot on public market. Every employee is a stock holder which means nothing if you can never cash in.

  • Wodun

    They do have some stock owned by the public in the form of a couple investment funds through prudential, IIRC.

  • Dick Eagleson

    Bob B,

    Fresh equity investment always provides a hard valuation for a company’s total worth and, therefore, the value of its individual shares. But there are well-established means of determining share value pretty well even in the absence of a recent equity infusion. There are specialized financial services firms that make such determinations for privately-held companies so that their stock-owning managers and employees are able to sell vested shares at certain times of the year. I believe SpaceX has such opportunities scheduled at least twice per year.


    The only financial services company I know of with SpaceX shares on its books is Fidelity. It made a $100 million investment in SpaceX about five years ago. That stake is probably worth north of $1 billion by now. Google has also done nicely on its $900 million SpaceX investment made at the same time as Fidelity’s. That likely more than makes up for some other space-related Google investments that didn’t work out so well.

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