SpaceX seeks more government money for Texas spaceport

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It appears that SpaceX is asking for an additional $5 million in government subsidies to build local infrastructure for its Boca Chica spaceport in Texas.

This new money would be in addition to about $15 million already set aside for SpaceX’s spaceport. It is unclear however what it will exactly pay for.

Update: Meanwhile, the New Mexico state legislature is considering dumping another $10 million to Spaceport America. (Hat tip Robert Pratt) From the article:

Other provisions of the updated budget proposal might raise eyebrows. One is $10 million for Spaceport America to build a new hangar. State officials hope the Spaceport can become a tourist draw.

I don’t know how they can imagine this will ever be a tourist draw, since Spaceport America is a spaceport with practically no customers except for Virgin Galactic, which unlike SpaceX will likely never fly.

Note: A reader noted that I mistakenly wrote that Spaceport America was in Texas in the initial post. The reader is correct. I wrote without thinking, and now have fixed the post.



  • wayne

    “Please sir, I want some more”

  • Seems to me that the customer failed in its due diligence engineering studies and thus should have to pay the costs from its own pocket:

    “The slower-than-expected rate of development at the Boca Chica spaceport is partly the result of difficulties building on the beach after the bedrock proved to be deeper than expected and the water table turned out to be higher than expected, prompting SpaceX to bring in hundreds of thousands of cubic yards of new soil to stabilize the site to support future structures.”

  • Joe Latrell

    You mean New Mexico and not Texas, correct?

  • Joe Latrell: Duh. You are correct. I was not thinking. I have corrected the post.

  • wayne

    just for fun…
    Paper Moon (1973)
    “Car Scene”

  • fred

    I generally am not in favor of the gov’t paying for a business activities. Despite Having read the article, it is not clear what the money would be used for.

    If it were used to build a road (public), or dredge a shipping channel (public), or build powerlines (public) I can definitely see this argument for this.

    While it is true that a company like SpaceX will bring in local tax revenue of one sort or another, I don’t think that is a proper reason to funnel tax dollars into things just for SpaceX.

  • ken anthony

    He’s just doing what a business guy is supposed to do. I once had a company change things around that actually made my job easier, so what did I do? Asked and received a raise because change.

    If you think that’s wrong, fire the representatives that aren’t doing their jobs.

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