SpaceX strikes deal with Texas to build spaceport

The competition heats up: Texas today announced an agreement with SpaceX, finalizing the company’s plans to build the world’s first commercial spaceport near Brownsville, Texas.

More here. The deal remains contingent on SpaceX getting all required permits from the federal government, but I doubt that will be a problem.


  • DK Williams

    Can we assume Elon Musk made a large contribution to the Dem party?

  • In this case the deal is with Rick Perry and the Republicans that control the Texas government, not the Democrats. As for federal permits, the Obama administration will not block Musk because they have been on his side from the beginning in their effort to build up private commercial space.

    I know it is strange to say, but in this one area of the American economy, the Obama administration has been decidedly pro-private enterprise and for small government.

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