SpaceX successfully launches Argentina satellite

Capitalism in space: SpaceX tonight successfully launched an Argentinian radar satellite into polar orbit, the first such launch from Cape Canaveral since the 1960s.

The company also successfully landed the first stage at the Cape, completing that stage’s fourth flight. As I write this they still have two more smallsats to deploy, but it is very unlikely they will have an issue doing so.

The leaders in the 2020 launch race:

20 China
14 SpaceX
9 Russia

The U.S. now leads China 22 to 20 in the national rankings. With a scheduled launch by Rocket Lab from New Zealand later tonight, these numbers could change again before the day is out.


  • sippin_bourbon

    The dual video of the booster landing was slick.

  • LocalFluff

    I would’ve thought that a radar satellite requires a larger launcher, since they require some power. Nice that also that can be done with an about 150 kg spacecraft.
    Rocket Lab has the world’s most beautiful launch site.

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