SpaceX successfully launches commercial communications satellite

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SpaceX tonight successfully launched a commercial communications satellite. They did not recover the first stage because the seas were too rough to send out the drone ship.

The leaders in the 2018 launch standings:

7 China
5 SpaceX
3 Japan
2 Russia

Though I have removed Rocket Lab as an American company, crediting it instead to New Zealand, the U.S. still has 8 successful launches total, one more than China.



  • geoffc

    Posing the interesting question… If the landing site has bad weather do you still launch, in an era of reusable vehicles?

  • Kirk

    For future contracts, you’d expect them to include landing site weather based launch delays.

    Interesting that they launched this one with the pricey titanium grid fins. Mr. Musk’s Gulfstream G650 was circling at 35,000 ft in the vicinity of the landing site, so hopefully they got the data they wanted.

  • Joe From Houston

    The plane might have been sent out there to test the self-destruct mechanism. No need to announce it to the public.

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