SpaceX successfully tests core stage for June Falcon Heavy launch

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Capitalism in space: SpaceX has successfully completed a static fire test of the core stage that it will use in its next Falcon Heavy commercial launch, now set for June.

This launch will be for the Air Force, and will place 23 satellites into a variety of different orbits. It will also help the Air Force certify the Falcon Heavy for future military launches.



  • David

    Tom, is there a good reason for posting that old news here, as opposed to the actual capsule explosion thread, where it already is? Or are you just one if those people who can’t resist a chance to spread anti SpaceX fud?

  • Irv

    Dear Bob,

    It’s a genuine pleasure to listen to you and John. I particularly like the way John tries to “guide you”. But we both know he can’t do that.

    A couple questions if you ever get the time.

    1. I understand that the data is coming back at 1 kbs but is that the best picture they have? Perhaps Ultimaus really looks like the photo but it seems blurry to me. Is it my impatience or is that a poor photo.

    2. Jaxa photos are nothing to phone home about but are they being very cautious moving forward or are they concerned about overtime?

    Constructive criticism: I listen to you very closely because you have excellent insight but a the end your comments your voice fades away or drops off. Right as you are making your point. Fortunately I can replay it but even with the volume up the sound isn’t there. My point is I really really want to hear your words but they aren’t there.

    Nevertheless keep up the good work. Perhaps you get John to loosen up.



  • Tom


    Why, yes, there was a good reason to post that “old news” as it was the first video I’d seen that, reportedly, showed the actual event. If that was posted earlier on BtB, I missed it completely and apologize for offending your obviously keen sensibilities. We all know that SpaceX and NASA have not exactly been the font of information regarding this event. I did see the original thread but couldn’t locate it at the time I found the video. Being a huge fan of SpaceX, and Behind the Black, I don’t shy away from transparency regarding honest mishaps as they are truly lessons learned; especially when no one gets hurt. And, Yes! I can resist those chances to “spread anti SpaceX fud?”. In fact, I can assure you that I’ve never spread a fud in my entire life.


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