SpaceX suspends production of its Falcon 1 rocket

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SpaceX suspends production of its Falcon 1 rocket.

As much as I am a fan of Elon Musk and SpaceX, and though I realize that they have been focusing on getting Falcon 9 and Dragon off the ground — the payoff there is greater and a failure of Falcon 1 during this time could be very politically painful — this action contradicts SpaceX’s years of claims that they had a slew of signed contracts to launch Falcon 1.

I will be attending Elon Musk’s luncheon speech today at the National Press Club, and hope to ask him about this and other things.



  • Chris L.

    Could this just be a case where the newer rocket (Falcon 9) is competing with the older one and the older onw lost?

  • Joe2


    I appreciate the equal opportunity skepticism.

    Kind of makes you wonder about all those non NASA launches they say they have lined up for the Falcon 9 doesn’t it?

  • Kelly Starks

    I remember musk saying years ago that he was surprised that the high demand for Falcon-1 sized launches they expected didn’t materialize, and the market was more interested in the heavier Falcon-9. Course he also said he wasn’t building for the government market (and still says if COTS or CCDev have to start using FAR contracting rules SpaceX will drop out), and was focused on a huge commercial market – but his manifest shows half his paying flights are NASA or DOD.

  • @KELLY STARKS AND BEYOND your words ring truth.

  • the fact is, as far as NASA launch and human space flight is, these and other programs along with the proposed “liberty” program are all a hidden funneling of monies to propel the actual device they are building

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