SpaceX to launch EchoStar satellite in early January

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It appears that SpaceX has definitely scheduled a launch of an EchoStar communications satellite for either January 8 or 9, and that this launch will follow the launch of 10 Iridium satellites in December.

If this schedule happens has now indicated, SpaceX will launch a lot of rockets over the next two months.



  • Edward

    I count three SpaceX launches expected in January in addition to the one in December. Iridium payload in December, and Echostar-23, SES-10, and CRS-10 payloads in January.

    Perhaps the coming year will give them their desired 18-launch cadence.

    As Robert’s linked article points out, there seems to be some pressure to launch certain satellites, especially when government-imposed deadlines are involved. However, the penalties for missing these deadlines may be financial rather than losing licenses to operate, so the pressure may not cause people to launch when it is unsafe (for the payload).

  • mkent

    18 launches per year isn’t going to cut it. According to, SpaceX has 36 launches on their manifest between now and the end of 2017. The most they’ve ever successfully launched in any calendar year is eight.

    I’d be worried if I were one of their customers.

  • Ron

    Has there been a final reason for the launch pad explosion?

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