SpaceX to try another launch on Sunday

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Capitalism in space: SpaceX is aiming for another launch on July 2 in Florida, only 9 days after their last launch there.

That will make three launches in nine days.

Meanwhile, in an interview on The Space Show with David Livingston, SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell revealed that, after this year’s planned demo launch of the Falcon Heavy, they plan two commercial launches of the rocket in 2018.

That means the Falcon Heavy will have flown at least three times before SLS even comes close to its first test flight.



  • Willi, picker of nits

    CEO’s name is Gwynne…

  • wayne

    That is an informative podcast. I had never heard her speak at length and was impressed.

    “emergent order” — go for it!

  • Anthony Domanico

    Yeah I enjoyed the interview as well. Did anybody catch the phone interview with Tom Mueller? It’s easy to find on YouTube if anyone is interested. Tom Mueller is VP of propulsion at SpaceX for those that don’t know.

  • Willi, picker of nits: Thank you for being a nit picker. If you typed as many words as I do you would also leave some out once in a while. I need people to spot those missing letters for me.

  • wodun

    Nice suggestion Anthony Domanico. Here are the links:

    Reddit thread

  • mkent

    Well, if we’re going to pick nits…

    “CEO’s name is Gwynne…”

    Actually, the CEO’s name is Elon. Gwynne is the President and COO.

  • mkent: You are right of course. I have corrected the post, again. I am especially frustrated by this error because I distinctly remember checking the story to make sure I had her title right. I might have then misread it, or it is also possible that they had it wrong at the time and have since corrected it as well. Either way, thanks for the nit-picking. I like to get things right.

  • LocalFluff

    Does anyone sense any parallel between Gwynne Shotwell and the fictional Dagny Taggart 60 years ago? The COO of a train company in a society of global financial crises due to socialism? Fighting against the government (and family and any and all obstacles to keep going). And fighting/competing crazy Elon Musk too, or Hank Rearden as his character was named in the novel. Making things happen. Discovering the engine of the world. Actually literally the engine of the worldS in Gwynne’s case.

    Boys would never get anything right in the long run if girls didn’t put things straight.

  • Edward

    Robert wrote: “I like to get things right.

    Quality work is always appreciated.

    LocalFluff asked: “Does anyone sense any parallel between Gwynne Shotwell and the fictional Dagny Taggart 60 years ago?

    Outside of both being powerful women in charge of important transportation companies, no. Their situations are rather different. Ayn Rand’s character, in “Atlas Shrugged,” has ownership of the company (along with her brother), but SpaceX is largely owned by Musk, not Shotwell.

    Also, going Gault is not yet popular, so I doubt that Shotwell ever will.

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