SpaceX’s second first stage barge landing

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Below is video of the Falcon 9 first stage landing last night. There isn’t really much to see, because this happened at night. However, I must repeat that this happened at night. In other words, SpaceX was able to bring its first stage down accurately in the middle of the ocean onto a tiny barge in the dark.

Who says the impossible is not possible?

During the live telecast, the audience broke out into a chant of “USA! USA!”, as they did after the previous first stage landings. Can you guess why?



  • Cotour

    What was viewed as impossible yesterday is now everyday.

    Dreams drive force of vision, force of vision married to the fruit of capitalist endeavor and the willingness to risk it can under the right circumstances result in the impossible becoming the everyday. JGL

    (Government’s roll? Creating the proper atmosphere for it all to occur)

  • Steve Earle

    Wow. Just Wow.

    What a great video. Every mission they do gets better in every aspect, and the hosts enthusiasm is infectious! :-)

    I will be showing this to my young son, we both love space and I am certain that these SpaceX videos will encourage him towards a career in science or engineering. (Right now he just wants to be the first Astronaut on Mars… )

    I even love how they signed off at the end “So say we all” Sounds like someone there is a BSG fan :-)

  • Mitch S.

    I recall you posting the other day that Space X didn’t expect this to succeed due to the mission profile (I assume not as much fuel left for the recovery).
    But they nailed it anyway!

    I heard the podcast of you on Livingston’s show.
    Your bubbly enthusiasm for Space X (and private space in general) is quite understandable.
    Musk and Bezos make me think of characters from a Heinlein story.
    We’re living in the Sci-Fi age!
    (BTW I also understand Livingston’s discomfort considering the ad spot he kept delaying was for Orbital/ATK!)

  • Edward

    Mitch S. wrote: “We’re living in the Sci-Fi age!”

    Science fiction becomes science fact. We just have to pay attention to see notice that it happened: (1 minute)

    It looks like they have figured out how to do it at the limits of their capabilities. With the impossible becoming routine, on to the next challenge.

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