Spat between senators over Russian rockets

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Pig fight! In response to Senator Richard Shelby’s (R-Alabama) effort, with the lobbying aid of ULA, to slip an amendment into a budget bill that would allow ULA to use Russian engines in its Atlas 5 indefinitely, Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) has written a scathing letter condemning the effort.

In a Nov. 19 letter, McCain asked Cochran to “respect the well-informed work my committee took” and to avoid the “year-over-year relitigation” of the engine issue.“Recent attempts by the incumbent contractor to manufacture a crisis by prematurely diminishing its stockpile of engines purchased prior to the Russian invasion of Crimea should be viewed with skepticism and scrutinized heavily,” McCain wrote in the letter, a copy of which was obtained by SpaceNews. “Such efforts should not be misconstrued as a compelling reason to undermine any sanctions on Russia while they occupy Crimea, destabilize Ukraine, bolster Assad in Syria, send weapons to Iran and violate the 1987 Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.”

McCain is no saint when it comes to pork, even if he is right on this issue. Shelby however is and has always been a pork pig. He has always put the needs of local companies ahead of the needs of the country. This story illustrates this perfectly.



  • Laurie

    I’ve always appreciated your comments, however I vehemently disagree with McCain’s characterization of Crimea as being occupied by Russia. In any case, given your support of free-market space, your position appears inconsistent to side with McCain on the issue. There are things more important than business and finance – and security is one of them – but McCain seems deluded with his position on Russia.

  • A View From Europe

    So how’s the weather in St. Petersburg right now? Are you still pulling those 12 hour shifts? Go get some artificial sunlight treatments since you’re not seeing the sun right now with those shifts.

    Yes, Angry John “Keating Five” McCain is on the correct side this time, It’s just sheer brazen Pork on the part of Shelby. The man clearly has no shame.

    I’d think the Khanate of Crimea has controlled the peninsula a lot longer than Imperial Russia, no? Nikita gave it away in 1953. So why not give Kaliningrad back to Germany, it is Ducal Prussia, so you could even give it back to Poland since all of them have more claim to it than Russia.

    And if you don’t believe me, from the font of Neo-Conservative knowledge (or was that Neo-Stalinist) … the UK Guardian …

    Salutin’ Putin: inside a Russian troll house
    Former workers tell how hundreds of bloggers are paid to flood forums and social networks at home and abroad with anti-western and pro-Kremlin comments.

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