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Speak your mind at Duke Divinity School and get threatened

Fascism in academia: A department chairman at Duke Divinity School in North Carolina objected to the nature and content in a racial re-education training program, and found himself brought up on charges and has since resigned.

The link contains the full correspondence and history that led to the chairman’s resignation. In order to understand the fascist nature of the school’s actions, it is necessary for you to take the time to read it all, including the comments. Essentially, he raised cogent arguments about why he thought the racial training course was a waste of time and inappropriate, and was immediately accused of racism and harassment, and has since resigned.

As one commenter noted,

I worked at a Christian liberal arts college in the late 80s, early 90s, and even then had to put up with this stuff. Not as bad, but it was in the air. I imagine the good Dr. had simply had enough. Unless you live it, you have no idea how horribly oppressive such an atmosphere is, as the ex-student wrote about. 1984 is alive an well at America’s college, and obviously some, seminary campuses. No, bravo to Dr. Griffiths for having the guts to stand up to the totalitarian lefties at his campus.

My only criticism of this chairman is that he resigned. He should have fought it out, making these fascists defend their positions. Instead, by resigning he has ceded control of the school to them.

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  • mpthompson

    My only criticism of this chairman is that he resigned.

    Bob, if that is the case, I believe your criticism is a bit harsh. We all have a level of frustration we can tolerate before we reach a point “[deleted] it. I quit.” I feel must of us reach that point to protect ourselves from entering deep depression which can jeopardize both physical and mental health. We don’t know the specific circumstances of Dr. Griffiths life and all the variables that were likely in play in his decision to resign. Without such knowledge, criticism of the chairman is at least premature, if not inappropriate.

  • mpthompson: What is this sudden desire of everyone to insert curse words, hardly obscured, into their writing? I have warned two other commenters in the past two days to watch their language or risk being banned. I say the same to you.

    I will not tolerate gutter language on BtB. Find a better way to write what you want to say.

  • mpthompson

    I apologize. I didn’t see the warning of the other commenter. I understand.

  • Laurie


    It is hard to kick against the goads.

    I speak from some experience, actually.

  • Laurie: So do I. I had to deal with this battle myself when I was teaching film in New York. Unlike this chairman, who clearly had tenure and status, I however was always in a position of weakness because I was a freelancer, teaching individual courses independently. If I took an honest stand (such as giving a student a “C” because she deserved it) I was gone, which turned out to be what happened.

  • Chris

    Alumni of all these liberal schools – pull your money back!
    Citizens – tell your Representative “NO FUNDING!”
    Students – avoid these schools

  • PeterF

    “I predict with confidence, intellectually flaccid: there’ll be bromides, clichés, and amen-corner rah-rahs in plenty”

    I think this might have been the part of Dr. Griffith’s comments that made everyone’s heads explode! Nobody who works at a college would be comfortable with someone describing them as “intellectually flaccid”. What a great quote!

    I think part of the reason Dr. Griffiths decided he had simply had enough was touched on in Dr. Pfau comments, “Now, given the recent change in leadership in the DDS,”. It appears there is a new sheriff in town that may not be all that popular.
    Dr. Heath also specifically criticizes him for his “behavior” at faculty meetings for the last two years. This guy has been getting beat up for a long time.

    On the other hand, I DO blame certain republican appointees for instantly recusing themselves and forfeiting to their enemies. Where the heck is Jeff Sessions?

    I REALLY like Rex Tillerson.

  • Early Bird

    Theodore Dalrymple (a pseudonym) said something a decade ago that has stayed with me since I first saw it (probably because I suspected at the time that he was speaking the truth).

    Dalrymple was writing about a white police officer who was anxious to show how “sensitive” he was to black police officers by addressing them thus:

    Put away your cameras and your notepads for a spell.
    I got a story that I really need to tell.
    Bein’ in the dibble [police] is no cakewalk when you’re black.
    If you don’t get fitted, then you’ll prob’ly get the sack.
    You’re better chillin’ lie down and just be passive.
    No place for us just yet in the Colwyn Bay Massive
    [police force].

    Dalrymple went on to say, “His speech reveals what I have long suspected: that antiracism is the new racism.”

    Dalrymple’s assertion seems to have been borne out in the decade that has since elapsed.

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