Stanford drops basic admissions tests for applicants

The coming dark age: Stanford University has chosen to eliminate the requirement that applicants take basic admissions tests as part of their application process.

This includes the MCAT test for medical students and the GRE for physics students. The administration made the decision because of the restrictions being imposed on society due to COVID-19.

What this means of course is that the education standards required of doctors and engineers at this school will now decline. They will simply know less about their fields, because Stanford will not require them to learn it.

However, I am sure Stanford will make sure these future doctors and physicists will be able to explain white privilege and the all-compassing existence of racial and gender bigotry in every procedure they do. Without question. What’s more important, learning how to be a good doctor or condemning the imagined past evils of America?


  • Cotour

    Low standards is no standards.

    But as long as everyone is “Equal” then that makes it all OK and it will probably not make much of a difference. Not much.

    Its insane, but its all OK.

    (And once again the Zman transmits just how racist and how his elite white privilege upbringing shades his judgement)

  • Diane Wilson

    Noting that this is admission standards only. No one graduates based on MCAT or GRE.

    It would be nice to imagine that these schools still have flunk-out courses to weed out the students who shouldn’t be there. But with grade inflation, how does anyone flunk anything any more?

  • MDN

    Sad. It’s not the institution I attended in the 80s. I suppose the only thing they really care about nowadays is that they get full tuition whether they hold live in-person classes or not.

    My solution to the admissions racism hysteria would be different. I would set and adhere to legitimate quality of admission standards, but EVERYONE who met those standards would be put into a random lottery to get in.

    This way is fair, and over time the racial demographic of the student body would reflect that of the applicant pool at large, and ALL qualified applicants would have an equal shot at admission. But ALL applicants would be qualified as well, period.

  • LocalFluff

    In the early 1990s Sweden suffered a deep depression (our government’s “friend” the Soviets had just ceased to exist…) The government then multiplied the number of universities, to lower the official unemployment figures. Since then standards of higher education and research have dropped very markedly. The world can do without Sweden, but not without the USA that has had leading universities in most subjects for about 100 years now. It’s like burning the library of Alexandria.

  • Spectrum Shift

    At some point the operative phrase will become “Stupid enough to get in”

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