Stanford University course to study the evils of “whiteness”

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Academic bigotry: Stanford University is planning to offer a course in the fall that will study the evils of “whiteness” in order to figure out how to abolish it.

Citing pundits who say “the 2016 Presidential election marks the rise of white identity politics in the United States,” the upper-level anthropology seminar will draw “from the field of whiteness studies and from contemporary writings that push whiteness studies in new directions.”

Questions to be posed throughout the semester include: “Does white identity politics exist?” and “How is a concept like white identity to be understood in relation to white nationalism, white supremacy, white privilege, and whiteness?”

“Students will consider the perils and possibilities of different political practices,” according to the course description, “including abolishing whiteness or coming to terms with white identity.” The course will be taught by instructor John Patrick Moran. Reached by e-mail, Moran declined to comment, instead directing The College Fix to Stanford communication’s office.

Ernest Miranda, a spokesman for Stanford, told The Fix via e-mail that “‘abolishing whiteness’ is a concept put forward in the 1990s by a number of white historians. Their belief was that if other white people would, like them, stop identifying politically as white, it would help end inequalities.”

If the course was solely designed to look at bigotry, by all races and ethnic groups, I’d applaud it. That it is specifically aimed at only whites and white nationalism tells me instead that this is merely a bigoted way to attack whites, and whites only, as well as to politically smear the people who voted for Trump (as indicated by the first paragraph in the quote above). I note also that this course doesn’t seem to have a problem with those people who focus on their “black identity,” even as it condemns those who focus on their “white identity.” Both are bad, since they are both race-based and bigoted. That the course picks on only one illustrates its bigotry.

If you give money to Stanford University, you might consider this information before you consider future donations.



  • wodun

    What the cntrl-left neo confederates fail to realize is that white people don’t identify as white, they identify as Americans. Even when the cntrl-left targets white people with their racist policies, white people will still identify as Americans first and foremost.

    Maybe the neo confederates do realize this, and hate it. All one has to do is look at how they attack the traditional concept of what it means to be an American and the rights available to all Americans.

  • Cotour

    Mohammad, Edi Amin, Saladin, Ghengis Kahn, Shaka Zulu, Charles Taylor, Robert Mogabe, Mumar Kadafi the list is long through the time line of history and the bodies are piled high as well as the abuses of power, are these freedom fighters? Revolutionaries? Social engineers? Visionaries? Tyrants? Murderers? Its all a matter of perspective.

    These Leftist lead American critics have one problem, their ability to protest the horrific “White Man” owe their ability to protest to White Men who guaranteed their freedom to do so. If not for those White Men and their crazy thinking about what freedom is and should be there would be no protesting. Hell, there would be no protesters.

    What of the evils of non Whiteness?

    Once again these are political manipulations focused on one bigoted perspective that serve one bigoted political point of view. And that view point has been demonstrated over and over throughout history to be failures (If the measure of success is the degree of true freedom individuals have). The only way to answer these protesters is to thoroughly defeat them within our own system that is undoubtedly superior to all others, good bad or otherwise. There is no perfect solution, unfortunately for these malcontents the White Man and his conclusions is demonstrated to be ultimately the more perfect solution for everyone Black, White or Polka Dot.

  • Orion314

    Imagine if you will, in the not so distant future. A person can choose his/hers looks, face, body, sex.age, These people have predominately English speaking capabilities. What ever community they form, it will be a handsome white, Hollywood looking city. Probably 90% male. That is a truth that the world hates because it is true…That is why the world hates whitey, and yet, ironically, because our birth levels are far below replacement level, looks like we are going the way of the DoDo,
    unless we start the clone wars…?

  • Cotour


    Excellent and very valid observation. This is just one other recognition of the Darwinian nature of these issues, given the choice people would do exactly as you lay out.

    And it would create its own special flavor of troubles, and one heck of a lot of lonely, pent up men. That would certainly make a less civilized and a much harsher world. And probably one heck of a lot of homosexuals by choice, gay men might want to consider making your observation a plank in their political platform.

  • ken anthony

    I’m just waiting for the Amish suicide bombers.

  • Orion314

    Thanks for the considered reply. I think your point re: “one heck of a lot of lonely, pent up men” is close to a nonsequitur,
    because , if the tele-dildo-robotics/vr drive continues as demonstrated by the horn dogs of Japan, American women are in deep Kim sheep, and they are too deeply stupid to see it. As soon as the average guy can be seen in public with an 8 or a 9, {cause what man , short of James Bond , has the balls to be seen in public with a 10?”}
    ‘With no chance of Ft Worth super terminal clap or unwanted babies, well, maybe the ” real thing” isn’t all that?” Then again, maybe that’s like flying cars or fusion reactors, always, its just right down the road? Beats me..

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