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Starship prototype #11 launch attempt today-SCRUBBED

Starship #11 on launchpad, March 26, 2021
Screen capture from LabPadre Nerdle camera live stream,
taken at 8:30 am (Pacific).

UPDATE: The test flight has been scrubbed for today, March 26th. They have not yet indicated why they scrubbed, or when they will try again.

Original post:
Though SpaceX has not yet announced whether it will live stream the event, the company is going to attempt a six-mile flight of its eleventh Starship prototype today.

The following live streams are presently available if you wish to watch:

I will add other live streams as they become available. And if If SpaceX adds its own live stream I will embed it below.

UPDATE: SpaceX has now announced that it will live feed today’s Starship test flight. I will embed that broadcast below, when it goes live.

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  • V-Man

    Other live streams:

    Marcus House –
    What About It – (he’s playing with a giant 3D-printed model of a Raptor right now, keen!)

    Surprised that Everyday Astronaut is not online…

  • V-Man: It appears these two live streams are simply using the LabPadre feed.

  • mrsizer

    Just to be sure I understand, Starship is not really intended to launch itself into orbit, right? It’s meant be the payload on a Falcon Heavy.

    This is basically testing a super-big crew capsule. Nominally, if it flies on its own on the way up, it’s the launch abort system. It is intended to land – and then get put on top of another (or even the same!) Falcon Heavy for the next trip up.

    This is also the Raptor engine test-bed, which means the Falcon Heavy should (hopefully) have a short test cycle because any Raptor problems are being worked out here/now.


  • mrsizer: Starship is the upper stage, yes. However, its lower stage is not Falcon Heavy, but Super Heavy, which is being developed also at Boca Chica.

  • Jeff Wright

    Super-Heavy, not Starship is what is aimed at SLS.

    It is hard to tell a rocket’s size due to them always being framed up well. Having someone in a rocket garden, and having same person at Boca might help. Starship is about as tall and wider than the entire Soyuz/R-7 launch vehicle stack!

  • It appears the wings (fins?) on the upper stage are more closely folded against the body than previous versions. Would appreciated commentary from the experts.

  • mrsizer


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