State Department reopens investigation into Clinton private server

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The Obama State Department announced today that they are reopening their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server and the mishandling of classified material by her and her aides.

Don’t be fooled by this. The only reason the State Department is announcing that they are reopening this investigation is to deflect criticism of the Obama administration before the election. Nothing will ever come of it, as long as the Democrats control the executive branch.

And there is no guarantee anything will come of it should Trump win, though the odds for a real investigation do increase.



  • Cotour

    I agree, this is for distraction and show.

    Q: Why can’t the people who traded in these State Department messages removed from their proper and secure places, aside from Clinton, be prosecuted for their actions? Clinton may occupy a special place at the moment but that moment will pass.

    Maybe seen as too over the top? Still, whom ever had possession of them / sent or received them I would assume has responsibility.

  • Cotour

    This is interesting:!

    Maybe Clinton’s tarmac meeting was a message really to Comey? But then it was a message to so many. I did here someone propose that the meeting was to inform Lynch that the Clintons had lots of information specifically about the prosectors investigating them and that they would release it if they had to. This, the person stated, is how the Clinton’s have done their business from the get go and it was part of their hard ball play book. Does the Clinton machine have the goods on Comey?

    Still, the way that things are laying out I think in the end he has done a continuing service.

  • Localfluff

    Oh, Trump will put her in jail! As a signal to foreign political leaders. When you lose against Trump you don’t just lose and go on as if nothing happened. You go to jail! So, on which side do you wanna be? She will be arrested a few days before the election, trying to cross the border to Mexico with a bag full of cash and cocaine. They’ll put a waterboard and a bucket in her cell to make her understand that it could still get even worse. The last debate will be held through a bullet proof glass with her holding a handset. After 15 minutes the guards will shout: “Visiting hour over, get out!” to the CNN staff as she, wearing striped pyjamas, is taken away in handcuffs.

  • wodun

    I doubt Trump would prosecute her. He might pardon her as a gesture of goodwill.

  • Localfluff

    I’m no insider on Trump, but neither does he himself seem to be, so take my comments for what they are worth.

    I think that he can make friends with Lyin’ Ted and live with just expelling Low Energey Jeb from the party “Never be allowed to run for any office again”. But Hillary is the real opposition, and the former secretary of state. To jail her would send a signal which despots understand all over the world. If you don’t sit down, shut up and unite, you go to jail. You go to jail. No, Putin, I wasn’t talking about you. Yet. But you know how these things with domestic politics work, and I know it two (NY accent, right?) And you being a governor in one of my dependent territories:
    – Just sit down, shut up and unite. Don’t say anything. I’ll take care of everything.
    – Sir yes sir!
    -.! (gulp)

  • Alex

    This interview may fit to this article:

    Why Hillary Clinton May Still Face Prosecution | Bill Whittle and Stefan Molyneux

  • wayne

    Bill Clinton appointed Lynch as a Federal Judge. The airplane stuff was just pure theater. Mr. Z has this nailed, deflections and the inevitable show-voting to follow.
    Trump won’t need to pardon Hillary.
    If it needs to happen Obama will do it between November and January. (My bet, that cop-killer hiding in Havana, will be among the top on a LONG list of Pardons he WILL issue.)

    Comey– he has a long history of deflecting investigations into the Clinton’s, going WAY BACK.

    Nobody had to conspire to get the FIX in place, it was already taken care of, months/years ago. The shocker would have been, if the FIX wasn’t in place.

    LocalFluff– I don’t always agree with large portions of your comments, but I must admit, they are extremely entertaining at times. (9:31pm July 7, in particular.)

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