States begin push to end voting at polls

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The rigging of elections begins: As part of the Wuhan panic, state legislators (as well as Joe Biden, the present Democratic Party front runner for president), are now pushing to change election laws to allow more voting by mail, and to even eliminate in-person voting at the polls.

States are weighing measures to change voting rules in November’s presidential election as they struggle with social-distancing orders during the worldwide coronavirus outbreak, according to a report Tuesday. “More people who vote early or vote by mail, means fewer people standing in line on election day,” California Secretary of State Alex Padilla told the Axios news website.

But the effort to keep voters from going to the polls in person Nov. 3 faces legislative and financial roadblocks. The price for states to change their methods of voting could pass $2 billion, Axios said.

Of course, they are completely sincere about their desire to protect us from this evil virus. None of them would ever take advantage of an election conducted entirely by mail to rig the results. Never! How could anyone think such a thing?!

I mean, really, these are the same kinds of people who wrote the FISA court legislation, and then administered it perfectly! They are also the same kind of governmental people who run the IRS and never use it to go after people they don’t like, for political reasons. Never!

I await the coming our perfect government-run utopia. All will be well. Just accept it.



  • wayne

    Loki’s Speech On Freedom

  • pzatchok

    It would require changing several laws but I say we require a valid active social security number to vote.

    Alien residents can get a tax number but not a real valid SS number.

    This will instantly stop multiple state voting like some people with multiple homes in multiple states are known to do.

    As each vote is computer tabulated its also checked against the list of SSN’s that have already voted nationwide.

    As soon a duplicate number pops up the vote is rejected and the SSN owner is sent a letter to appear in front of the local voting board with all forms of ID ready. Do not show up and they go to your listed home. If you can not be found a hold could placed on the number. Now you have to go to court or the SS agency to prove and fix it.

  • wayne

    No. You don’t ever want that to come about.

  • pzatchok


    The police can and do already look up your SSN to verify your id.

    Its already used for all gun purchases from dealers.

    Its already used for all passport work.

    The simple thought that your SSN is not already being used as a form of ID is wrong and miss guided.

    You have already been numbered by the beast.

    If you want a good list of SSN’s just hack your local high school or collage. Every scholastic record is attached to that number. Try getting a school loan without using your SSN.

    And if your worried about internet security you must be willing to accept definite voter fraud.
    They do not have to know who you voted for just that you did vote.

  • commodude

    SSN isn’t supposed to be an ID number, and is specifically barred from being used as such.

    I can get a fake SSN just as if not more easily than false birth records. The States, not the fed gov, determine who is eligible to vote. The Feds need to stayout of that arena, though states need to require more ID when voting than they currently do.

    Voting SHOULD require effort, and SHOULD be done in person, unless there are extreme extenuating circumstances.

  • Rick

    “USPS just delivered these 100,000 votes late, seems like they were 99% Democrat”

  • wayne

    Thank you.
    Your social security number is not (supposed) to be a Nation Identity Number.
    Elections are under the purview of States and Localities. And while the election of President might appear to be National in nature, it’s composed of thousands of individual local elections.

    “In Our Hands: How to Lose What We Have”
    -queued to the appropriate segment-

  • Cotour

    Bat soup contagion serves soooo many masters.

    I listened to an interview this morning with Dean Koontnz, remember his book from 1981 mentions “Wuhan 400” and the bio warfare lab that was located in Wuhan China.

    The Wuhan bio lab was a component in his story. There was an American lab, I think in Colorado, that was attempting to develop a counter measure to the novels Chinese bio weapon. And he used that in his story because during his research he found that there was a military bio weapons lab in Wuhan.

    Koontz did not predict the nature of the bug and that it would appear and then reappear 10 years later and then vanish. I believe that was in a book by Sylvia Brown, psychic, which may be even more interesting.

    “Book “Prophecy” by Sylvia Browne
    Published in 2004, Sylvia often times made many world predictions throughout her career. She mentions an outbreak of a severe pneumonia-like illness that attacks the lungs and bronchial tubes, (COVID-19) Corona Virus.”

    She was very specific and predicted that in 2020 this virus would hit, then disappear for 10 years and then hit again, and then vanish.

    Someone put the two together on the internet.

    But you gotta admit that in this instance, psychic, Sylvia Brown was very much over the target with her prediction. Now we wait for 10 years for it to return? Stay tuned.

  • F16 Guy

    Where did the COVA 19 virus originate? Some say “wet markets”, and some say the bio lab in Wuhan. Here’s an interesting perspective from an American that lived in China for 10 years:

    Then there is this story from today:

    Many questions need to be answered !

  • Col Beausabre

    Commodude, Someone tell DOD. Every military serial number is the person’s SSN. Has been since I joined up in 1970. Like it or not, it is our de facto National ID Number

  • Milt

    Black Box Voting

    pzatchok, et al.

    Three quick points along these lines. First, the issue with respect to electronic voting is not “about” social security numbers. Rather, it has to do with *the basic integrity of the voting process*, from casting a ballot to tabulating district-wide / national totals. As Bev Harris demonstrated back in the early 2000s — see her book *Black Box Voting* and the continuing work of the organization that she helped found — there is virtually no way that electronic voting can be made accurate, transparent, and verifiable, and if you don’t believe this, just look at the 2020 Iowa Caucuses.

    Second, most political consultants see voting as nothing more than a “game” to be won in any way possible, and jiggering the election results is a time honored part of American history. (I am reminded of the joke in which a just-off-the-boat Irish immigrant* exclaims “‘Tis a grand country where even the dead can vote!”) Faced with this history (not to mention our fallen human nature), the adoption of *any* kind of black box voting is little more than an open invitation to inevitable fraud. Moreover, given that the progressives have openly pledged to “overturn” the results of the 2016 election by any means possible, it would be worse than naive to think that they would not attempt to fully exploit this technology. The bottom line is that we now have voting machines with *verifiable paper trails* that (along with other common sense safeguards) all but guarantee the integrity of voting. The question is whether or not we have the intelligence / moral integrity to use them.

    *I am part Irish, so I am allowed to make fun of myself.

    Finally, there is the whole issue about what voting is “for.” A moment’s thought about its place in our system of government suggests that the whole edifice of representative government stands or falls on the accuracy and integrity of the ballot, and thus it occupies a central place in our society. Yet, today, far too many people think of voting as just another kind of consumer good that ought to be “easy” and “convenient” and has no higher status in American life than buying a can of baked beans. Back in the day, most people knew better, and voting was — rightly — regarded as an important civic ritual, and it is frightening that so many of today’s “conservatives” seem to have forgotten that. Indeed, many people now seem to believe that *anything* that cannot be done with a swipe on their iPhone is “not important,” and their personal convenience / coolness trumps even the survival of our system of government itself.

    Representative government and citizenship were never meant to be “easy,” yet this is the siren song of black box voting.
    Sadly, as the saying goes, we may once again get the kind of government — and voting — that we deserve.

  • Cotour

    Its all connected, and those working to leverage their positions right now, specifically in America at this time of chaos and financial disruption, whether it be through a naturally generated or nurture / agenda event, are very busy behind the scenes “Helping” with their reserved monies and already in place “Helpers” in government.

    Will this reveal them for the Globalists and anti Americans that they are? And will it serve to destroy them? Or, will it empower them to the next level on their clearly stated agenda? China is rooting for the second alternative I am certain.


  • Cotour

    “So back to George Soros. His prediction that Democrats will win must be based on his certainty that the economy and the stock market will crash Big Time before the November elections in 2020. That would be very bad for us.”

    And, wah la!

    The timely arrival of a massive stock market and economy crash.

    Where exactly is Mr. Soros today? He has been extremely non present in the world, no?

  • sippin_bourbon

    Col Beausabre

    That is changing.
    The decision was made a while ago.
    The implementation of that change is finally happening.

    Slow process, as you would expect.

  • pzatchok

    As for fake SSN’s they only work for as long as they are never checked against the SS admins record.

    As for internet security. How are your hand tabulated votes secured now? A HUGE portion of our urban areas do NOT have a republican proctor watching like there is supposed to be. So all that is there for security is the honesty of the democrat proctor.

    And I know the SSN was never supposed to be a personal id number but guess what? It is. So since it is there we should use it.

    It will at least cut down on the dead voting, people multiple voting and illegals from voting.
    As for the states controlling all the voting, do you really trust California to control its portion of the national vote?

  • commodude

    Just because the law is being violated and has been violated for years by the bureaucracy doesn’t make it ok.

  • eddie willers

    But you gotta admit that in this instance, psychic, Sylvia Brown was very much over the target with her prediction.

    I keep waiting for Nostradamus to chime in.

  • John

    Can’t audit voter registration rolls, it’s not important if the people are alive or still live there. Can’t watch the ballot boxes unless you’re not doing anything during the weeks of early voting. Can’t really know how the electronic machines work, but I guess they’ve been programed correctly. Voter ID is terrible because one or more groups of people can’t handle it.

    Just throw out the ballot box already.

    It was one day of the year, one person one vote, and we couldn’t do it.

  • Max

    Have you ever went to your voting district to sign in and found out somebody has already voted for you? It’s OK, they just let me vote again. After all, I could prove who I was.
    After that, because of my 12 hour shifts, I signed up for “mail in ballots” because I would get off work too late. The first year they sent me (and my wife) two ballots and I filled out both of them… Nothing was ever said. I asked my daughters neighbor who works in the sorting for the post office and he said the ballot’s that are mailed in often end up in the garbage anyway. When he delivers them to the vote counting warehouse, the garbage truck is there dumping bins full of envelopes for the incinerator. Making a contested election impossible to re-count… If they were counted in the first place. (One year, they did not count the mail in ballot because it would cost too much and there weren’t enough envelopes to change the election…)
    No 24/7 election committee oversight needed when pre-programmed machines are counting for you, even when they break down.
    My daughters relative (through marriage) came to the United States, when he lost his job in Mexico city, and was given a job in USA with visa and airplane ticket and five identities in which he had to file for benefits and vote in american elections. Everyone looked the other way (or did not care) until he applied to buy house in which the holder of the loan said he had to get rid of all the other identities that was on his extensive credit report.
    Utah state even fined and jailed a bunch of job service employees who were whistleblowers. Their boss made them give benefits to illegal aliens and issue fake Social Security numbers that they supplied.
    My father is introduce me to a man who had just retired from the federal reserve board. I ask him about the fake/ redundant Social Security numbers that illegals were using. He said it was OK, that the federal reserve has the most sophisticated computers in the world. We know which ones are real, and don’t get them mixed up with the others. (Most of the time) He explained, people who are not US citizens do not pay taxes by law. People who hire illegal aliens are also breaking the law. As long as they are donating a portion of their salaries (like all Americans are required to do) to the federal reserve… and their employer are paying their matching “protection” tax plus unemployment tax… Then the federal reserve bank would be a fool not to except “free money” (untraceable), especially from an unknown unidentifiable (no papers or green card) non-citizen.
    This money does not go to the general fund, but is withheld as a donation made legal by the campaign donation box at the top of the IRS form.
    When employers pay workers under the table, like the meat Packers in Wisconsin, that is when we make an example of them and send in ICE.
    This is why we encourage illegal immigration, it makes us billions of dollars in donations. No oversight from Congress, they cannot regulate foreign nationals! Congress does receive it’s portion of the proceeds as long as they continue looking the other way.
    The states with high taxes have caught on, they also keep two sets of bookkeeping. They actually encourage illegals in sanctuary cities for the off the books income illegals provide.
    States with no income tax generally do not have sanctuary cities.

    Diebold, which is used by most banks, make voting machines. Controlling interest in the company has been sold several times, I do not know currently who controls the vote. Hugo Chavez Venezuela also made voting machines used in some states, as well as Mitt Romney’s bane capital. Many others are involved including George Soros, tracks are well hidden.
    Managing the vote in this country is near hopeless, there is too much money at stake… Literally trillions of dollars.
    Last year’s hacking convention proved that even children can hack secure systems, changing the vote. There is a cyber war competition to control the elections in the “Digital Internet” world. Electronic voting is a dictator’s wet dream, no need to stuff the ballot box when you can push a button on a computer.

    Is there a solution? There are dozens of democracy’s in the world who are still searching for the solution. The best I’ve seen yet, I think it was in India, where they put permanent ink on your thumb. You must vote in person, you’re marked so you can’t vote twice, that identity is verifiable, the vote tally is compared to the actual body count and must match eliminating ballot stuffing. Australia makes it a crime? to not vote.
    There are ways to make it reliable, and verifiable. They’ll never let it happen, the stupid deplorable sheepeople need to be told what to do and how to live their life. You cannot allow them freedom, only the illusion of freedom. As of recently, we all know that illusion can be shattered buy a proclamation of a mayor or governor. Have you ever heard of an honest politician? Power does not corrupt, so much as “power attracts the corruptible”….

  • wayne

    IRS began requesting SS numbers on tax forms in 1962, Military began using them in 1969, and the Food Stamp Program started requesting them in 1977.

    From the SSA:
    “Area Number, Group Number, Serial Number:
    Social Security Numbers (SSN) issued before June 2011 were based on geography. If you were born prior to 1972, the first three digits stood for the state, territory or U.S. possession where you (or your parents) applied for your number. The numbering started in the northeast with the lowest numbers and moved west. If you were born after 1972, the Area Number indicated the state of residence shown on your SSN application. If your Social Security Number begins with, “001,” for example, you received your number while living in New Hampshire. If your number begins with “626,” you were in California. As of June of 2012 the Area Number is no longer based on geographical location. To combat spreading identity theft, the Social Security Administration (SSA) switched to a random-number system.
    -In the past, numbers that began with an “8” were flagged for fraud. These are now valid.
    -Numbers that begin with “7” were once reserved for those in the Railroad Retirement System and non-U.S applicants. The Number “7” is now used for the general population.
    No Social Security Numbers begin with “9,” “666” or “000.”
    The Group numbers range from 01 to 99 and have no data significance. The SSA uses these to break Area Numbers into smaller blocks, making processing operations easier. Middle digits are never “00.”
    Within each Group Number, Serial Numbers are assigned almost consecutively from 0001 through 9999. Serial Numbers begin with 0001 and continue in sequence, except every fifth SSN is given a Serial Number from the 2001-2999 series or the 7001-7999 series. According to the SSA, issuing every fifth Serial Number from the 2000 or 7000 series “allows for scientific sampling of workers and beneficiaries.” The last four digits are never “0000.”
    Social Security numbers are never reassigned. When you die your SSN will be removed from the active files and placed in the Master Death Index File. The nine-digit numbering system allows for approximately one billion possible combinations.”
    “Social Security numbers were first issued in 1936 — “for the sole purpose” of tracking the earnings history of workers for benefits, according to the Social Security Administration. Until 1972, the bottom of the card said: “FOR SOCIAL SECURITY PURPOSES — NOT FOR IDENTIFICATION.”

    Ref: “Voting.”
    In Michigan, when you physically vote at a polling place you have to show a valid ID which is swiped/scanned electronically. Then your name is compared to the paper voting list and you’re given a ballot. Paper Ballot is then fed into an OCR machine for counting. Original paper ballot is then held until the election is certified and all challenges have been concluded.

  • pzatchok

    Since we have states issuing driver licenses to illegals then i would say we should use the SSN as a voting identifier.

    We could use the E-Verify system to start.

    Voting should be hard and at least a small effort.
    Being able to vote should not be automatic just because you live in this nation.

    I am starting to think starship troopers had it right.
    Or possibly the Spartans.

  • Max

    “Social Security numbers are never reassigned. When you die your SSN will be removed from the active files and placed in the Master Death Index File.”

    There are 6.5 million active Social Security numbers issued to 112 years old.
    ( truth or false website)
    Barack Obama had a Connecticut Social Security number. He has never lived there. The number belongs to another man who died in Hawaii about the time Berry Sato came to live there with his grandmother.
    Here is an expensive investigation into the verified numbers that is used at different locations that he lived. 16 or more different SSN numbers in all.

  • Alex Andrite

    “Col Beausabre
    April 2, 2020 at 9:07 am

    Commodude, Someone tell DOD. Every military serial number is the person’s SSN. Has been since I joined up in 1970. Like it or not, it is our de facto National ID Number”

    Not mine, ’68 – ’72. Tag is not my SSN.
    Did I miss the ‘bullet’?

  • commodude

    Alex, it was a window of time when they used SSNs as service numbers, evidently ended a decade ago according to the article.

    My father’s ID wasn’t his SSN, mine was my SSN.

  • Max

    I found the article I read on the voting machines, it’s three years old now but very interesting. I had forgotten how convoluted voting can be. Be amazed in what countries they originate from and who owns them.–Their-Histories-and-Present-Contributions

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