Strike on July 4-5 against censorship on Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc

A strike protesting the censorship of conservatives on social media giants Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc, is being organized for July 4 and 5.

According to organizer Larry Sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia (who has since split with the project), “This means we will not use social media on those days, except to post notices that we are on strike. We’re going to make a lot of noise. Nobody will be able to ignore what’s happening. We’re going to flex our collective muscles and demand that giant, manipulative corporations give us back control over our data, privacy, and user experience.”

More details at the link.

I would love to join them, but since I do not use any of these corrupt social media, essentially striking against them continuously, there isn’t much I can do. However, if you use Facebook for example you might be able to have an impact.


  • Cotour

    Laura Loomer has been banned from all social media platforms and even Uber and its services. (This will be considered conspiracy to deny a citizen their free speech in the court filings)


    Because Loomer dared to point out that Ilhan Ohmar was an anti Semite! (Is Ihan Ohmar an actual anti Semite? Well, yes she is. But no matter, Laura Loomer had the nerve and audacity to say what is obvious to all with more than a 65 IQ.)

    And this organized selective stepping on free speech by these social media giants and choosing political sides in America will in the end be their undoing, literally. They all beg through their bias for governmental intervention and direction. Their power, and make no mistake about it, they have real power and it is growing, has all gone to their heads and has created what we all understand will happen during such a moment in time, the abuse of that power.

    This is the nature of man related to power and governance, these media giants attempt to now choose and control the election process and who can say what in the ongoing political conversation in America and throughout the entire planet.

    This was all known and worked out and the counter balance to it was codified and implemented some 240 plus years ago by people that had no idea that something as powerful as the internet and social media would ever exist.

    Simply the men that created that counter balance understood one thing, the nature of man related to power and governance and how it would and without doubt will be abused.

  • Dwayne Grassie

    I understand the motives and feel the pain. But, striking out in silence against platforms that wish to silence you? Isn’t that giving them exactly what they want? Wouldn’t a better protest be to saturate the platforms with posts?

  • Cotour


    Facebook appears to change how they define themselves, from a “Platform”, to a “Publisher”, two very different animals.
    (Yes, its INFOWARS, and I usually do not referr to them but this is pretty straight forward)

    A move that on its face would open Facebook to a lot of legal wranglings. So why do such a thing? Lawyers do not typically make such a move without there being a different answer to the question being asked.

    I will propose that Facebook has arranged or is confidently in the process of arranging for the laws concerning such things as the First Amendment and what protects them currently from legal libility are in the process of being changed to better suit its existence. If not, then why create such a legal black hole for yourself?

    Facebook has the resourses to make such a thing happen within Congress IMO. Especially in this atmosphere of change and the unknown related violence, mass murder and communications as the internet meshes more and more with reality. The cry “Something must be done!” may include the rearrangement of the law as we understand it today, and Facebook would certainly be at the tip of that spear for obvious reasons.

    Seems reasonable to me.

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