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Strong evidence in Michigan that many ballots were scanned multiple times

An IT contractor who worked in Detroit at the location where votes were being tabulated has testified by sworn affidavit and in public testimony before Michigan legislatures that she saw an estimated 30,000 ballots scanned multiple times, illegally.

On November 10, Carone said in an affidavit that she witnessed “nothing but fraudulent actions take place.” “I observed numerous employees, city workers, running batches of ballots through the tabulators countless times, without discarding them first,” Carone said during the Wednesday evening hearing. She testified next to Rudy Giuliani, the personal attorney to President Trump, who has been leading most of the litigations efforts pertaining to the election.

Carone testified that on Election Day, the vote tabulating machines would jam up to three times an hour. When the machines would jam, election officials were supposed to reset the count on the machines to ensure that no ballots were scanned more than once, explained the witness. “Instead of discarding, they were just rescanning, rescanning, rescanning. Counting ballots nine to 10 times,” Carone said. She also said there were more than 20 tabulating machines at her ballot counting center.

Once again, this testimony does not prove, on its own, that the election was stolen. It does however demonstrate strong evidence that a full audit, of at least the Detroit voting center, is necessary before any result can be certified.

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  • Ray Van Dune

    And yet we see the American Press, with a special privilege sanctified in the US Constitution itself, utterly lying to those that their privilege commands them to serve! For shame!

    I hope to live to see their day of reckoning, one that is long overdue.

  • Cotour


    Looks like willful treason to me.

  • pzatchok

    My friend asked about my idea of using your SSN as your voting proof.

    He mentioned that it would remove the secret ballot idea.

    My question is this.
    If you have to sign the envelope and they must check against both the signature on record and the signature on the ballot haven’t we already lost the true secret ballot idea?

  • Michael Mangold

    How is this even possible? Each ballot should have a unique ID.

  • Andrew _W

    Michael Mangold. That’s what occurred to me as well, surely each ballot paper would have a unique barcode even if only so as to stop accidental double counting in the event of a machine jamming and uncertainty about which ballots the machine had actually scanned.

  • MDN

    I agree with Mr. Mangold. I know ballots in CA are serialized so you can log in and confirm receipt and processing, and if there are no protections against scanning/counting them multiple times that is an unacceptable vote integrity flaw. I kind of doubt this one though as recounts should eliminate there usefulness easily.

    I have cogitated on security and the SSN idea as well of late and thought up the following schema:

    1. A signature of record is required to register and should remain so.

    2. All mail in ballots should require a signature on the envelope as per historic practice. The use of signatures as a security check is a tried and true technology that should not be abandoned. It is not perfect, but it is simple, inexpensive, and a very reasonable check against industrial scale fraud.

    3. The signatures on all mail in ballots must be verified against the signature of record PRIOR to separating the ballot from the envelope. Given the scale of this task the signatures on the envelopes should be scanned and provided to ALL POLITICAL PARTIES involved in the election in a digital format to process using independent means of their choice be that a full or spot visual verification by staff and/or AI which I am sure would be quite good for this. These activities would be under election and database security protocols to keep the signatures of record OUT of the public domain, and the parties would have a time limit for submitting an acceptance and rejection list.

    4. Disputed signatures would move the envelopes effected into a bi-partisan review process which would escalate up to judicial review if necessary. This would likely be manual in nature, but the effort should be reasonably bounded as signature matching has never proven overly daunting in the past.

    5. Only AFTER signature verification has been approved would ballots be separated from their envelopes for counting. At this point they would be anonymous to protect our right to a secret ballot.

    6. This is the point where the social security administration would come into play in my scheme. Not with your SSN which is confidential personal information, but rather with a unique voter ID they would generate and mail to all social security program registrants of legal age 3 months before each election. The SSA would keep no record of who got what number, just a database of what numbers where assigned FOR THIS ONE AND ONLY ELECTION CYCLE. And the voter would be responsible to enter this ID on their federal ballot as a proof of citizenship and to ensure each ID is only used once per election. The voter could also use this ID to confirm that their ballot was received and accepted. This step provides a TWO FACTOR level of security which is appropriate for assuring election integrity we can all really trust.

    7. Finally, all existing voter registration rolls should be obsoleted immediately and new databases with new Signatures of Record should be created starting now for the next election in 2022. Further, going forward any registration that is not voted for 4 consecutive election cycles will be purged as obsolete to ensure database integrity as people move and die without being documented in the registration database.

    The State legislatures under Republican control could pursue these signature verification and registration reforms now with no requirement for support from DC. And when challenged in court so long as we hold at least one of the Georgia senate seats the newly more constructionist supreme court should validate them as constitutional.

    Support from the SSA to issue and check voter IDs each cycle will require congressional and executive support to pass appropriate legislation. But perhaps the R states could create their own or a collective voter ID institution instead since they have legal access to the SSA database too as they use it as a taxpayer ID. The key point is to piggyback on SSNs which are only issued to citizens, so working off of this database is the best way to assure the integrity of this cherished right to lawful citizens only.

  • pzatchok


    Pretty good plan.

    But if your going to issue a new number then just skip the whole signature thing all together.
    Its not just redundant but pretty easy to screw up. A person visually checking a few thousand signatures gets lazy and pretty soon just doesn’t even try anymore. It was all we had back in 1980 though but things have advanced since then.

    And a new number each election would be insane. Think of how bad it is if you have to change a password each week. Those new numbers would be 16 characters long. The SSA is already running out of valid numbers for humans and that is with 9 digits.
    The SSA already has an instant check system for employers just expand it a but and digitally automate it for ballot checking.
    No human need even see the ballot at all. Except for mail ins.
    With just a SSN on the ballot to identify it someone would have to write down that number then check it against a list just to find out who the heck it was first.
    It would be easier to just throw out all the ballots voting for the guy you do not like before they are even scanned.
    AH but a voter could check less than a hour later to see if their vote was scanned. If not then they could call the election board and start an investigation into why.

    No one would ever want a new election number every election. no one would remember it.And a HUGE amount would forget the little card that number came on. So someone would come up with an instant voter system getting around that new number.

  • pzatchok

    As a way to cheat the voting system.

    I was thinking it would not be too hard to program a simple printer to fill out ballots. It would take a few tests to get the ink into the correct spots.
    But after that you could program it to even randomly fill out most of the ballot except the few races you care about. And even then it could have about 1 in 10 vote differently.

    All you have to do is get hold of the printed ballots a few days before the election.

    I would never do it. But I bet it could be done.

  • pzatchok

    With no personal identifier on the ballot who would know once it was scanned?

  • Cotour

    The New York Times, the paper of record is on it:

    Oh, no, NOTHING from the NYT’s, radio silence, do not disrupt the continuum, the narrative must be maintained no matter what. There is no election fraud, Joe Biden will be the next president. Repeat.

    Not yet.

  • Cotour

    (I suppose that I will have to change the names, but you get the general concept)

    * President Trump, in charge of the most powerful American economic recovery and repatriation of American business along with near zero unemployment for the black and Hispanic / minority population, and is in extreme opposition to the Chinese Communists and their drive to dominate the planet. And all that without doubt assures 100% his reelection.

    In an honest head to head contest the Democrats will without doubt lose badly against Trump and the Republicans and the continuing of their existential political leadership death spiral continues. (What can the Democrats do to at least have a chance?)

    * Less than one year before the 2020 presidential election there emerges a contagious virus which is either purposefully released or mistakenly is released from a laboratory in China, unknown at this point but the implications are clear. The president of China severely limits travel within his own country as the virus begins to rage through his population and actively allows the virus to be exported to Europe and America and the rest of the world. The president of China desperately needs for president Trump to move from the White House and back into private life and is desperate to deal with a more compliant and “flexible” American president.

    * The virus spreads and allegedly begins to kill tens of thousands and the fear grows in the world, and in America it is determined that there must be a massive effort to have a majority of the coming presidential election be done through a mail in voting system. And a mail in election system has been without doubt been established to be the least secure and most prone to encourage cheating and fraud.

    And although it is determined that its safe for people to stand on line at Walmart, Costco, Home Depot, the post office etc, the mail in election scheme is pushed forward. Further more, during the campaign season it is revealed through very convincing evidence that candidate Joe Biden is owned by the Chinese Communists through his front man son, Hunter Biden and his many “business” deals and the millions of dollars received from the Chinese Communists, the Russians, the Ukraine and several other international players. But the MSM and the Social media giants willfully choose to actively censure this information from the mass of the American public and surrender their fiduciary responsibilities as journalists and internet platforms.

    * The 2020 presidential election occurs and just like it has been predicted there is by evidence massive fraud and cheating revealed as a Joe Biden presidency is proclaimed by the Main Stream media and Social media. But the media remains committed to a more compliant and “Flexible”, “Normal” American president in the form of Joe Biden and reports none of it. And Joe did NO significant campaigning and stayed primarily in his basement and was found to be mentally diminished and unable to properly communicate.

    Out of the mouths of babes and the mentally deficient:

    * And during all of this it is revealed that most all of the American vote is counted and reported by companies primarily owned or influenced one way or another by the Maduro Venezuelans and a vote tabulation system company called: DOMINION: (Def: Supreme Authority) And this company has been shown to be invested in through a Swiss company, UBS, by the Chinese government to the tune of $400 million dollars.

    * And now we wait to see how all of this plays out before the coming inauguration date.

    Do you think I have a shot at selling this treatment? (Wait a minute, don’t the Chinese own most of Hollywood now?)

  • Cotour

    Little by little, all will be revealed in the era of Trump:

  • James Street

    Cotour, I like it.

    Hire Tom Cruise to play my part.

  • Cotour

    Cruz is not good looking enough.

  • Max

    The more complicated the system, the more opportunity to make it invalid. I sometimes wonder if the ancient Greeks had figured this out. As they walk up to Cast there vote, they would given a small tile in which they would mark an X or 0 and place it in the cauldron. The election was secret, but took place in front of witnesses.

    Currently, our drivers license has detailed information on every person . Facial recognition is far more secure and recognizable and unique to every individual. It is replacing fingerprints just as fingerprints replaced signatures. (In the near future, it’ll be like Gattaca, where a simple pin prick will give your identity in your DNA)

    The ballot should be sent to every legal person that request it. A ballot in the form of candidate information surrounding a punchcard shaped official paper that you can fill out at your leisure with pen through the appropriate hole. When you’re sure of your selection, pull away the outer covering and remove the completed and ready card stock ballot.
    Starting 3 to 7 days before election day (for people like me who are at work before the polls open and get home after they close) you will take the punchcard, along with your identification, to the local precinct where they verify personally who you are and renew your registration with every election. (If you do not vote, you are deleted from the active system that keeps track of the counted ballots against registered voters)

    When verification in front of witnesses is complete, The citizen places their “Color coded for their precinct official Ballot” in the first of two machines. The first one is a national database that serves as an exit poll to tabulate the vote instantly through a secure network, in batches of 10 to maintain privacy, after storing the same information internally as a back up.
    Then the same ballot is removed by the citizen and placed in a second machine that does not have a network, that is controlled locally by the precinct. The Final count is read from the machine, not downloaded or in any way able to interact either by Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, radio, or optical.
    In the end, both machines must match in candidate vote count and in how many votes were tabulated. Recount only necessary if the machines which are “not connected” do not match.
    Synchronized Video surveillance of the tabulator screen along with room video can be used to verify if any shenanigans occurred.
    A personal print out of your selection can be provided for your own records, possibly a permanent ink thumbprint, (not on official documents) so you can show other people that you voted.

    Keep it simple, fraud is unlikely to occur.

    A third machine, identical to the official machines, can be set up for children (under 18 that are not emancipated), felons, legal and illegal aliens and others who are not citizens for an unofficial tabulation so they feel there not forgotten by the system. It will have no official recognition, but can be used for demographics.

  • pzatchok


    The Tile vote or Ostricon was only used a few times. it was a way to remove someone from the city. Anyone. But only one person and they were only removed from the city. They kept ownership of and lands or businesses.

    And it to was filled with problems.
    Most people could not write and they found thousands of shards with the same handwriting on them. All for the same person.

    I think it was Aristides the Just who had a story.
    One day he was asked by an illiterate citizen to write the name Aristides on a shard for the ostricon. Aristides asked him why he was voting against Aristides and the man said ” I have nothing against him. I am just tired of hearing his name.”
    Aristides then wrote his own name on the shard.

    Aristides was opposed to the first democrat, Thucydides, who pandered to the poor instead of the rich.

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