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Strong video evidence of election law violations in Georgia during count

In testimony today before the Georgia state senate, the Trump legal team showed evidence from CCTV cameras of almost two hours of vote counting occurring during a period when all Republican counters and pollwatchers as well as the media had been told to leave because counting was going to cease.

According to Georgia election laws, no votes can be counted without the presence of representatives from both parties along with the pollwatchers and the press. Moreover, the law requires that the chain of possession of all tabulated votes be properly maintained. During the two hours of illegal tabulation, it appears that all of the counted ballots came from four suitcases with no provenience that were pulled from beneath a table where they had been hidden earlier in the day.

Based on the pace of tabulating, the number of ballots counted during those two hours was more than enough to swing the results one way or the other. That all Republicans had been ushered away suggests the ballots were not for Trump.

Does this prove the election was stolen? No, not on its own. However, it does make the entire election result questionable. And if nothing untoward was going on, it behooves the individuals shown on this video to come forward to explain and justify what was done. Until they do so, the Georgia vote count is not trustworthy.

I have embedded below the fold the testimony, with th video presented during this testimony.

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  • V-Man

    Vote counting stopped in multiple states at the same time.
    Statistical anomalies in results’ distribution.
    Greater number of ballots than registered voters.
    No mechanism in place to authenticate valid voters (motor laws et al.).
    No chain of custody for mail-in ballots (the Post Office warns not to send cash by mail, why would votes be any more secure?).
    Voters with confirmed obituaries.
    Voters confirmed to have voted twice or more (not always willingly — see the “maiden name” anomaly).
    Poll watchers expulsed and kept away from counting.
    Software switching votes from one candidate to another.
    Voting machines connected to the Internet.

    Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.

  • Phil Tharp

    All this evidence may not prove the election was stolen, but it does prove the election was compromised to a large extent. This is not in the noise. That should be enough for any reasonable person to require a revote in all the affected states using paper ballots and complete bi party inspection of the entire process. This will not overly inconvenience the voters who would surely like to insure their vote was counted.

  • Woody

    This is the type of evidence – more will be needed – that will ultimately provoke the court of public opinion to ask “Why is it unreasonable to audit this questionable election?” Cost will probably be the leading reply, followed by a string of lesser objections. The media will do it’s best to create havoc and confusion. But if evidence of this type – and much more than this one instance – keeps getting thrown out there I can’t see a public satisfied with the usual “nothing to see here…” media/democrat response.

  • Cotour

    The MSM is not even recognizing the story or the video from what I can detect. A story like that would normally be a headline on Drudge, now go look at Drudge, radio silence.

    And a full audit is what is needed long term, but short term the various legislatures must decertify their counts and take over the elector assignment.

    And what is going to happen on Jan 5th? An essential election for the control of the Senate, and they are going to use the same systems and the same people.

  • Cotour


    CNN: CNN:

    What do they have to say about the Georgia video clearly showing massive fraud in the election?

    * “Giuliani’s witness draws audible laughter during testimony”.

    * “CNN’s John Avlon reports on President Trump’s refusal to concede and takes a look at the potential financial incentives for the Trump campaign to deny the election results.”


    * “The Trumps may face a slew of legal issues after leaving White House”

    * “Trump receives yet another ‘scathing’ rebuke in court as more states certify Biden’s win”

    * ” Fmr. FBI lawyer: Why would Trump’s kids need ‘pre-emptive pardons’?”


    * “With Biden in White House, progressives see chance to rebalance courts”

    * “President Trump not happy with AG Barr”.

    NONE can see or are reporting on that ballots in 4 suit cases hidden under a table and all counted in a 2 hour period after all observers are removed, except for 4 “loyal Democrat soldiers” from the space due to a “Water main break”, that apparently never happened.

    MSN? Radio silence on this story, and that is not by mistake it is done with great need to shape the American publics perceptions and consciousness.

    THIS is the story that should be all over the front pages of ALL media in the United States:

    But it is obviously NOT.

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