Strzok/Page FBI texts suggest they were investigating private lives of journalists

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The law is such an inconvenient thing: Texts between FBI agent Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page suggest they were trying to dig up dirt about the private life of at least one journalist, to use against him.

The two agents also spent extensive time shortly before the 2016 election trying to track down information — including an address and a spouse’s job — about The New York Times reporter Matt Apuzzo, who has reported on numerous developments in the Russia case.

“We got a list of kids with their parents’ names. How many Matt Apuzzo’s (sic) could there be in DC,” Page texted. “Showed J a picture, he said he thinks he has seen a guy who kinda looks like that, but always really schlubby. I said that sounds like every reporter I have ever seen.”

A minute later, Page added another text: “Found what I think might be their address, too.”

Strzok writes back, “He’s TOTALLY schlubby. Don’t you remember?”

Page responded later by saying she found information on the reporter’s wife too. “Found address looking for her. Lawyer.”

Strzok cautions Page against using the work phone to track down information on the reporter. “I wouldn’t search on your work phone, ,,, no idea what that might trigger,” he texted.

“Oops. Too late,” she responded back.

The article above is focused mostly on the texts that suggest these two Democratic Party operatives (who were also having an adulterous love affair at the time) were the source of many illegal news leaks, but I consider the quote above more significant. It clearly shows that they had no respect for the law or the First Amendment and were quite willing to abuse their power at the FBI. If anything proves they were willing to overthrown a legally elected president, this does.



  • Joe Smith

    The texts also demonstrate an overt act, plus knowledge of the crime, in an attempt to conceal that crime. There’s probably conspiracy in there, too.

  • wayne

    Joe Smith-
    -nail, on the head.

    -the relevant clip-

  • Cotour

    And in the political warfare there are always counter moves.

    Senator Feinstien unilaterally releases the “Dossier”.

    These strategies of releasing “new” information to hurt the other side that is being employed is escalating the stakes as the corruption on both sides of the aisle comes into the light. In time, no matter who’s Ox is gored it must be faced and dealt with. And who ever is left standing is the victor.

    Right now IMO the Democrats have the most to lose and continue to lose. In attempting to validate the dossier and insinuate that Trump is being blackmailed but not providing the evidence to support it other than the dossier is an act of desperation.

    Trump is on a roll and and he is getting comfortable and starts to hit his stride almost exactly 1 year after taking office, exactly as predicted. No president, and I mean none walks into the presidency and does not have a learning curve and once Trump has it down in understanding the level of treachery that he has to deal with he will begin to use them all against each other. I submit his press conference today with both Democrats and Republicans in attendance hashing out the wall and DACA. Unheard of and he was masterful in its execution.

    Many will fall on both sides, its who is left standing to lead that is important.


  • Cotour

    Something that no Democrat wants to hear………………………………especially from CNN.

    This entire changing American Zeitgeist turns against protecting Hillary who in the end must be sacrificed by the Democrats. And the kill shot comes through the Weiner lap top containing secure S.O.S. communications sent to it by Huma who IMO is ultimately a Muslim Brotherhood operative. Interestingly Huma has close Saudi ties and so does Obama.

    Who does Percy Sutton say paid for Obama’s Harvard schooling? “A wealthy Saudi” (Prince Bin Talal, remember him he owns the 32 floor of the Mandalay Bay and is currently under house arrest in Saudi Arabia being held in the Ritz Carlton. Who knows what his fate will be given the changing tide?).

    Two very highly placed Muslim oriented operatives in the White House, coincidence? Not at these levels, investments are made and then its seen how they pay off.

    Because its coming from the pedestrian realm into the political realm it can not be so casually ignored by the political realm who is loath to do what must be done.

  • Cotour

    Speaking of coincidences:

    Fire at the Clinton’s estate and a fire at Trump Tower? Within a week of each other? Coincidence?

    It could happen.

  • Garry

    Cotour, I’m not at your level of optimism, but to me the best sign is the release of more dirt; I smiled when I saw the story on Feinstein today. I hope this leads to a tit for tat exchange of releasing more and more dirt on all sides. Keep it coming!

  • Cotour


    The dark comedy of the entire thing will be in the end where all of the associated players who were not high level empowered politicians but employees of agency will suffer the mass of the legal consequences. They have in fact without doubt violated their charge as Federal employees. The communal criminality and the guarantee that Hillary “will be the president” serves to keep everyone in line and on board because they all “understand” how it all works out, wink, wink. (In the communal criminality model no one stands against the known leader I.E. the next cinch president). But I am certain that the lawyers and deals if not proffered to date are being considered and worked on as we type because this time the writing is on the wall.

    The Clintons will argue that its all just been a big misunderstanding (On everyone elses part or course. “its about the women and children”) and will be forced to agree to claw backs, dissolution, penalties and will faux admit to some level of “misunderstanding”. Is the Congress and the Senate going to allow a former president or his wife to be jailed? Thats one scenario anyway, it may be the massive shame and eternal historical disgrace that may in the end be the most dreaded penalty.

    But this is so unprecedented that just about anything can go down, from suicides to federally sponsored vacations.

  • Max

    The FBI agents was onto the Clintons but their bosses told them to stand down or be fired. They kept their files open but did not have much hope because Hillary would win the election. Here’s their story, and the excitement that the evidence they gathered would not be destroyed. The Clinton foundation has been shut down and a new investigation has been launched.

  • Max

    The Saudi prince who paid for Obamas Columbia and Harvard facilitated education, is the same one who owned/managed the top five floors in the Mandalay Bay?
    And had a sniper team in those rooms that he admitted to under very tense questioning at the Ritz hotel where he is under arrest?
    I think we know how the guns got in the hotel now, with cameras everywhere and nobody talking apparently the state department is trying to avoid an international incident. Like full on war!

    The hotel staff never saw anything unusual in Patrick’s room. They were there twice the day of the shooting. (Timelines keep changing.)
    It’s been reported that the FBI has collected terabytes worth of filming that occurred on the cell phones at the concert… All of the phones have been returned wiped clean.

  • wayne

    It’s always for the children, isn’t it?

    I’m just not as optimistic as you are, but your enthusiasm is sorta inspiring in a way.

    The Clinton’s have been criminals my entire life, they always evade justice. I’ve just seen this movie before, and it always has an unsatisfying ending.

  • Cotour

    Max: The Saudi connection to the shooting seems reasonable and apparent considering that nothing else makes sense from the get go. And I am not sure its the same Bin Talal, the Talal that is for the time being under arrest (Or worse) the age does not seem to match given that Obama was in school many years ago, it may have been his father or he was a very strategically forward looking prescien young prince.

    Wayne: Yes, be inspired an encouraged, and yes, its ALWAYS about the women and children. Who could argue with such perfect and compassionate logic. Until you understand that the money goes in but never gets to the women and children as promised I.E. Haiti and the missing 10 billion dollars in aid. And Hillary’s brother got a nice gold mining deal out of it all as a tip.

    We may not all be happy with what comes out the other end but there will be something produced as a result of the past 30 years of corruption and manipulation this time. Sorry for the digestive analogy for those who may be eating but the analogy is appropriate.

    And consider, this developing evidence string if allowed to run unchecked may well run back all of those 30 years and scoop up the misdeeds of 4 retired presidents, from the JFK hit through 9/11 to the Clinton International Pay to Play Corruption Machine (The CIPPCM). And that is why at some point it will have to be managed to a political conclusion. I could make an argument for all 4 to be on federally sponsored vacations.

    It really all boils down to the uniqueness of Trump. No Trump and Hillary is the president by default which is what was being depended on, and without Trump we are having an entirely different conversation as the country dives down to its oval civilization model destruction inevitability.

    Trump is off to Davos, should be interesting, should rattle a bunch of elites to their corrupt bones.
    (Unless they can buy, bribe or blackmail him. Even Trump at some point in the coming chaos will have to be practical and political)

  • wayne

    I’m inspired, but just not encouraged!

    [“The best lack all Conviction, while the Worst are filled with passionate intensity.”]

    pivoting humorously–

    Joe Rogan Experience #911
    -Joe gets high with Alex Jones & Eddie Bravo; talk Y2K, NASA, Moon, Aliens.
    (Mild random language alert)

  • Cotour

    See where Saudi Arabia is going:

    If this prince can survive the era of terrorism may well be on its way out. The Prince Bin Salman era in Saudi Arabia is paralleling and complimenting the Trump era in the United States, they are on the same page. If this power shift is sustainable then there will be real change. If we, America, turns back to the Leftist driven “globalist” model it will fail and the chaos will become extreme.

    I would not be looking forward to Prince Bin Talal being seen around much any more in the media or in business, if at all. I will assume he will missing the Davos meeting this year, and the year after and so on..

  • Cotour


    Don’t mistake reasonable and informed political war gaming and prognostication with unbridled and irrational emotional passion. The one is the enemy of the other. I have not over these many months and now years proposed an irrational wish list.

  • Cotour

    The tell.

    Huma Abadin cancels her divorce.

    A wife or a husband can not be compelled to testify against one another.

    Sleep easy Wayne, because, ITS COMING.

  • ken anthony

    It all depends on the rule of law. Which doesn’t have much support. Otherwise the outrage would be unavoidable. The criminals would be hiding rather than doing book tours.

  • Cotour

    The rule of law concerning one spouse testifying against the other is clear and its all a part of a developing needed legal strategy.

    Your reference to Hillary and her book tour is well taken, but it has ended and things will develop as they develop.

  • Cotour: The story you cite is incorrect. They are not calling off their divorce, merely settling it out of court.

  • Cotour

    And then what?

    There will be no technical court decreed legal break that creates two separate individuals. They can agree to what ever they would like about their sons care and financial arrangements outside of court, but the divorce, the technical move, from the information the I am seeing, is off. And that is happening for a strategic legal reason IMO.

    No legal divorce decreed by a judge in a court and and they are still technically married. If they are married they can not be compelled to testify against one another.

    I will stick with my interpretation.

  • Cotour

    I like this element of the article that you cite:

    ” She’ll probably be chief of staff to President Chelsea someday if she sheds the 150 pounds of heavy-breathing spousal dead weight she’s currently carrying.”

    That will definitely not be happening, nor will Chelsea be the president. Not after the unfolding events of 2018 begin rolling out in earnest.

    It might be more likely that Huma will flee to some sympathetic country than her getting anywhere near the levers of power again.

  • Garry

    My understanding is that after they reach an agreement, they will have to refile a divorce in court to have it legally binding. I can see both having an incentive to hold off on making the divorce official before the dust settles.

  • Cotour

    This question is off topic, but has anyone heard from John Kerry, former S.O.S.?

    I just realized.

    Where the heck has this guy been? Radio silence since he left public life. No comments, no sightings, no nothing.

    Could he be sailing his 70 foot yacht over to the middle East with his wife to collect his pallet of cash and gold delivered to Iran on those C-130’s? How will Obama collect his? Or maybe he is sooo embarrassed in what he was a part of that no one will ever see him again? Nah, he has no sense to be embarrassed he is a full blood leftist.

  • wayne

    Huma is Muslim Brotherhood, up to her eyeballs.
    Check out her whacky mother, and her father’s extended family. I won’t state categorically they are all terrorists, but if the shoe fits…. (and they do have that weird thing with shoes, don’t they.)

    If Tony was going sing, he’d have done so by now. (“the bomb in the baby-chair, was wired to the radio,” type thing, is in play. He could be suicided at any moment, and he knows it.) Maybe he’s just on-ice for the time being, but that would be a tad bit Machiavellian for me.
    Family-Court, is whacky enough, without throwing in espionage/treason. But I think we all know in our hearts, Huma was sending top-secret intel, to herself, all the time, and everyone and their weird uncle Joe Biden, knew it.

    Ref: Divorce. She filed to get the upper hand, whoever files first sorta runs the show. Freeze’s his asset’s and what not. And concurrently it triggers a Family Court process, which is designed to stretch things out & favors ‘reconciliation.’

  • Cotour

    The immediate strategic goal is the legal technical entity “The Weiners”.

    And given the gravity of what Weiner knows, over and above the fact that he received classified communications on his personal computer which brings its own set of problems, about inside the Clinton operation, I am not sure where he is safer, in prison or on the street.

  • wayne

    “Weiner LLC,” a wholly owned subsidiary of the “Clinton Crime Foundation” (a joint venture with “Putin Amalgamated” (dba Russia) & “Consolidated Republican Guard Corp,” (dba Iran) Produced by Harvey Weinstein, photography by Jeffrey Epstein.

    Huma Abedin’s mother
    Tucker, FOX, September 2016

  • wayne

    “We Didn’t Start the Fire” (but they did pour the gasoline)

  • Cotour

    Here is another little tid bit related to former FBI director Mueller (who is now investigating deputy FBI director McCabe related to corruption within the FBI) gave Mr. McCabe a generous $35,000.00 dollar bonus upon his retirement.

    Does anyone see a problem here? Anyone?

    On so many levels the Mueller special investigation has been discredited and corrupted. There’s that word again, its all over the place. Maybe we should change the name of the FBI to the FBIC?

  • Cotour

    Related? : Many in Congress and the Senate are “retiring”.

    Is it because they understand what is coming related to the inevitable prosecutions in both party’s of their fellow law makers at the highest levels and those caught up in president Trump’s Executive Order of Dec. 21st which confiscates the property of those who participate in human trafficking?

    If Trump continues to throw up positive results most prominently in the economy, in increasing wages and bonuses that are being revealed by big corporations, a positive stock market, the GDP etc. then what is the likelihood that the Republicans remain in power? I think very good.

    I do not believe that these empowered politicians would be leaving and surrendering all of that power without a very good reason to do so. I do not believe that they would “retire” if they believed that there would be military actions, only for personal reasons like “They want to spend more time with their family’s”. And we all know what that means.

  • Cotour

    OR, like a friend of mine proposed, key Republicans (RINO’s?) are retiring as diabolical as it sounds, they are retiring in order to ensure the flipping of power in the Congress and Senate to the Democrats which would ensure the impeachment of the president.

    Sounds almost too radical and conspiratorial and borders on treason in someways to me.

    But it is very interesting that sooo many Republicans are retiring in unison.

    ANYTHING in pursuit of the acquisition or the retention of power, but who’s power?

  • Cotour


    Mrs. Mostyn: “a sudden onset and battle with a mental health issue.” He was 46.

    Did his sudden onset of mental illness coincide with Trumps Dec. 21st Executive Oder related to corruption and human trafficking? This guy raised millions for the cause and was an inside Democrat player.

    She did not confirm a cause of death but said, “If you or a loved one are thinking about suicide, or experiencing a health crisis, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline right now.” The lifeline’s number is 1-800-273-8255.

    Here’s a phone number that many high level Democrat insiders may be interested in in the coming weeks and months.

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