Student reporter files complaint against teacher

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Pushback: The student reporter who was pushed and threatened with violence by a professor at the University of Missouri has now filed a police complaint.

The student, Mark Schierbecker, had been videotaping students and teachers as they acted to eject an ESPN photographer from a so-called “free-speech zone” on the campus. The teacher, Melissa Click, then tried to grab Schierbecker’s camera and threatened him with violence if he didn’t leave also. You can watch the video below the fold, with the confrontation in question beginning at 7:00 minutes. Click appears to be in charge of the mob in its effort to eject all reporters from the area. Near the end of the video she circles the area, yelling “Don’t let those reporters in!”

Though Click has resigned from one position at the school, she remains a professor of communications. That she does not really regret what she did is illustrated by this quote:

Schierbecker said he met with Click at her office on Tuesday, but that he found her apology “lacking.” He said that he’s made further attempts to contact Click to speak to her about his grievances with her, but she has refused to engage him. “I am just left with the feeling that she doesn’t care,” Schierbecker told USA TODAY.

More people have to file complaints like this when they are attacked by the leftist fascists on campus. Maybe then we might be able stop these bullies from running things and regain some civility in our schools.


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  • wodun

    Notice that the person filming this, Mark Schierbecker, did not draw the ire of the Democrat activists. There are several other people recording video with fancy mic set ups who also are not accosted by the Democrat activists. Why? Well, it looks to me like Mark Schierbecker was filming Tim Tai, and was thus viewed as an ally of the Democrat protesters, just like the other people there documenting things that were laughing at Tim Tai were allies.

    The Democrat protesters were fine with “reporters” as long as they were on the right side of things.

    The person who really needs to sue, is Tim Tai. The video clearly shows school staff participating and encouraging the physical intimidation and harassment. One guy says Tim can’t touch anyone but when his goons start pushing he says, “Not my problem.” Toward then end the blonde lady starts pushing him and says she can’t help it because she is being pushed but we can see from the video, no one was pushing her.

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