Students defy school restrictions on free speech

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Defiance: Students in two high schools in Virginia and Texas this week pushed back against school officials who punished them for wearing flag emblems the school disapproved of, specifically the American and Confederate flags.

In the case of the American flag, the student was threatened with suspension because he was wearing a shirt with the flag on it and the school insists shirts must be solid. When he and his family questioned the suspension, the school backed off.

In the case of the Confederate flag, it appears the students had organized a protest against the school’s ban of that symbol.

“This is nothing about racism. This is about where we come from, what our ancestors did and what everybody here’s family has fought for, the right to do what we want,” Christiansburg High senior Andrew Love said.

Rules at Christiansburg High School and three other county schools do not allow students to display the Confederate flag because it’s considered offensive. Last month students were told to remove Confederate flag bumper stickers from their cars.

The issue here has nothing to do with racism. It has to do with free speech. The school has no business telling anyone what they can say or cannot say, even if that statement is contained in their clothes. That the school had the nerve to demand that the students remove bumper stickers on their cars is beyond outrageous and illustrates that this has nothing to do with maintaining discipline in the school The administrators want to stamp out opinions they disagree with.

Kudos to the students for fighting back. We need more courage like this.


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  • Edward

    It is news like this that keeps my hope alive that liberty can be saved.

    From the second article: “Since 2002, Montgomery County Public Schools has engaged in social justice and diversity training for staff members and students. ”

    Social justice is just a way to punish a person over here for the deeds of someone else over there (in space or time), just because they have some resemblance, relation, or connection to that someone else. The best part of social justice (for those “Justices” who mete out that sort of justice) is that their victims receive no trials and no defense. The self selected “Justices” accuse, convict, and punish their victims, and the rest of society allows them. The social justice training is how to unjustly perform these activities on their victims in a way that minimizes trouble from the rest of society.

    The main purpose of social justice is to shut up and shut down opposition to socialist and tyrannical activity, and another good part — for the “Justices” — is that they get to practice tyranny while meting out their form of justice. The “Justices” have become good at that:

    It is kind of like The Tiny Dot, except with unjust punishment instead of punishing taxes:

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