Study finds no consumer demand for Obama’s electric cars

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Reality meets feel-good politics: A study has found that there is no consumer interest in buying the one million electric cars Obama wants on the road by 2015.


One comment

  • Kelly Starks

    No surprise there. Hybrids got no consumer interest either. Over half of all hybrids sold in the world are the Preis, and their sold for image. Other hybrid makes started copying the look of a Preis so folks would “look like they were driving a hybrid”.

    Course with the Preis just recently ending its first 10 years of production, Toyota bragged it had sold a million units world wide in 10 years.

    I noticed the yearly U.S. only sales of the Ford F-150 pickup , was 1.2 million that same year. GM Silverado and 1500’s have a larger combined yearly sales. Last year GM announced about 400 hybrid sales combined over its dozen(?) hybrid models on sale.

    And Obama expected folks to by a million electrics in the next 5 years?

    If US consumers wanted high MPG cars, they wouldn’t have had to pass a law limiting how many low MPG cars car makers could sell.

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