Sudanese woman flees to U.S. embassy.

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Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese woman who had been sentenced to death for being a Christian, has gained refuge in the U.S. embassy while she and her family attempt to immigrate to the U.S.

It appears she was getting a lot of death threats, which in any Islamic country must be taken very seriously. Moreover from the details in this story it appears that Sudanese society is very much in favor of killing her, and it is only because of international pressure on the Sudanese government that she has not been so far been murdered, either by the government there or a mob.



  • Joe

    This the kind of tyranny that our constitution is supposed to protect us from, the presence of mind to believe differently than your neighbor, wether right or wrong.

  • Maybe along with categories like ‘The competition heats up’, and ‘The uncertainty of science’, you should add ‘The religion of peace’.

  • Hey, it’s a great idea, but I have actually done that already. Do a search on BtB for the phrase and you’ll see it pop up on many stories like this.

  • I probably have seen it on similar entries. Not one of the finer moments in George W. Bush’s legacy.

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